Good anime taste? Does it exist, and if so should we care?

There are lots of anime shows out there. Every year there seems to be a near endless list of new shows to be released as well as numerous second and third seasons for existing shows. We can safely say then that a lot of shows are popular enough to at least get from start to finish. I don’t need to tell you though that this doesn’t mean that every show that is realised is universally well liked. Scan through even the best rated shows on MAL and no doubt you’ll find someone who’s got something bad to say about it.

There are a lot of people that really like this show. I agree with them.
There are a lot of people that really like this show. I agree with them.

To help prove my point I thought I’d have a look through the reviews for Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (which I reviewed last week), and it didn’t take me long to find some pretty negative comments. One reviewer, who shall remain nameless, argued that the show had ‘terrible pacing, little character development and a generic… story’. Not exactly what you might expect for the number one rated show on the website, is it?

So maybe taste isn’t set perfectly in stone. ‘You’re trying to make an argument out of nothing though’, you might say. ‘That might be the only negative review for FMA: Brotherhood’, you might say. Both of those things could be true. So, seeing as I’m here, let’s use my own taste and see if we can link that to more general taste in anime. In all honesty, I think I’m reasonably easy to please with my taste in anime but even I have shows that irritate me, as anyone who read my review of Infinite Stratos will know. Besides that though I really disliked Freezing, a school based, science/magic/harem show. You’ll probably never get a review of it because I don’t think I could bear to watch it again. I found the story really weak and the artwork plain uncomfortable (I mean come on, boobs that big are just unnatural). All of that said the show has an overall rating on MAL of almost 7.5. 7.5! I’m not going to rant about how ridiculous it is that a show like that can have a rating that high when Mirai Nikki (a show I openly loved in my review) is only just over 8. Sure it’s higher, but by less than 1 point. It’s just wrong.

Pretty much how I felt when watching Freezing.
Pretty much how I felt when watching Freezing.

But actually it isn’t. In reality it’s natural that everyone is going to like different shows. Sure, some shows will be liked by more people than others and there will be shows out there that are so niche, most people will either pass them by or feel ill by even the mention of them. It doesn’t matter though. If we all liked the same things then we’d end up with one genre of show being produced en mass over and over again every year until the industry died of monotony. So maybe there is good taste, but the likelihood is mine is different to yours and at the end of the day, that is an exceptionally good thing.


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