Guilty Crown, Episode 10 Degeneracy: Retraction

I’m not going to lie, I’m massively excited to be writing about Guilty Crown. At the risk of alienating a lot of my readership, it’s a show I really love and as a result over the next week or so you’ll probably get two or three more Guilty Crown themed posts.

Episode 10 of the show sees the first arc of the story begin to head towards it’s climax. After the events with Jun and Yahiro in the previous episode, Shu is having hallucinations about people getting infected with the apocalypse virus which leads Funeral Parlour’s mission to break a convey to fail.

Jun's death in episode 9 set's up the following episodes plot fantastically
Jun’s death in episode 9 set’s up the following episodes plot fantastically

This sets of the chain of events that cause all the problems and allows for the fantastic resolution throughout the rest of the episode. After Shu refuses to be part of Funeral Parlour any more, he returns to his house to find Inori leaving. For the first time we’re given an insight into end game of the show: as Inori prepares to leave she offers Shu a new song, but in another hallucination he sees another girl covered in the Apocalypse Virus in Inori’s place, causing him to lash out at her, destroying the song disk. Its just one of the many examples of the writers dropping small hooks to keep the viewer involved, and let me say it completely worked for me.

Doesn't she look suspiciously like Inori, eh?
Doesn’t she look suspiciously like Inori, eh?

Upon arriving back at Funeral Parlour’s base, Inori asks Gai if she might love Shu- odd thing to ask, isn’t it? At this stage it doesn’t make all that much sense and some kind of explanation to what can only be described as social awkwardness would have been much appreciated somewhere around here.

At the same time, Shu is doing his best to get over Inori by trying to force himself on Hare. Hare’s not stupid though and catches onto the game before Shu gets anywhere, with the depreciating speech against Shu’s altered character to boot. If you were looking to defend these two events though, you might say that actually Shu and Inori’s mutual lack of social awareness shows the growing link between them. Cute, right?

I get that she's not sure about the love thing, but surely asking the other guy isn't the way forward.
I get that she’s not sure about the love thing, but surely asking the other guy isn’t the way forward.

The second part of the episode sees our protagonists split. Gai, Inori and the rest of Funeral Parlour go to the airport to stop the creation stone leaving the country while Shu returns to school to, essentially, mope about his life. Very quickly Funeral Parlour’s situation becomes difficult as a wave of the apocalypse virus is sent out, crippling Gai and breaking the chain of command. As events unfold, Inori tells Gai that if the ‘song’ doesn’t stop ‘she’ will wake up. Still we don’t know who this girl is and why she has been appearing to Shu, but it is becoming clearer and clearer that she is going to be integral to the later story.

Instigating the spread of a lethal virus through broadcasting towers. Fancy.
Instigating the spread of a lethal virus through broadcasting towers. Fancy.

It’s one of the most captivating episodes of anime I’ve ever watched and I struggle to see how you could watch this episode without watching the next straight after. I’d argue that one of the biggest draws of Guilty Crown as a whole, is the constant draw they successfully create in every episode, and it’s never more prevalent than in episode 10.


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