First Impressions: Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End)

Last night I started watching the dub of Seraph of the End. Another post-apocalyptic show where the human race has been all but wiped out by a virus released by vampires, with only those under the age of 13 and around 10% of the adult population surviving.

The main character, Yuichiro, is, to put it nicely, a bit of social introvert who doesn’t really do the whole making friends thing particularly well. That said he does live with a group of orphans and has done for at least 4 years, even if refuses to call them his family.

Yu had a family, even if he never admitted it himself.
Yu had a family, even if he never admitted it himself.

So far I’ve seen the first two episodes and a lot of time has been covered. Yuichiro, and his friends who survived the virus were taken away by the vampires to underground city as test subjects/dinner for vampires. Four years later, we find them at stage where they live an uneasy life together amongst the vampires. The first episode details an attempted escape by the group- without going into too much detail, lets say that only Yu escapes, with a bit of grudge to hold against the vampires thereafter.

The escape plan doesn't go quite to plan.
The escape plan doesn’t go quite to plan.

The army that fights against the vampires and demons finds him and asks them to join. For episode 2 we jump forward another 4 years to find Yu established as a private within the Imperial Demon Army, but after ignoring orders and attacking a monster alone, he finds himself suspended and sent to be with civilians.

His lieutenant colonel sends someone else to the school to watch him. This girl, Shinoa, tells him that he will remain suspended until he makes a friend. It’s largely an episode where we see Yu’s angsty, anti-social nature around other people who could, conveniently become his friend. The school is later attacked by a vampire, which in typical angsty, over confident teenage shonen boy fashion, Yu decides he can kill by himself. As the fight looks to be turning bad for Yu, the boy he met earlier, Yoichi runs in and tackles the vampire, saving Yu. The fight seems to be going well until it transpires that a normal blade wont kill the vampire. Fortunately, the very same lieutenant colonel arrives to kill the vampire.

Saved by a guy with a glowing black sword. Inspirational.
Saved by a guy with a glowing black sword. Inspirational.

Yu and Yoichi are both allowed into the Vampire Extermination Squad with the episode ending.

So far things are looking good. The artwork is pretty standard for this kind of show, though the action scene at the end of episode 2 was very well done. The opening sequence is also very good with a good song to boot.

It is showing a lot of the signs you might expect from a shonen anime, but the reason it does that is because people like it and it works. This one will keep me occupied nicely on a Thursday morning for the next couple of months.

Seraph of the End streams every Wednesday at 8:30pm EST (GMT -4) on 


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