Absolute Duo Episode 11: Killing Game

I wanted to write a review of the latest episode of Absolute Duo, as I’ve been trying to catch up to Funimation’s Broadcast Dub (which as a concept, is a fantastic idea by the way). Putting myself in that position however has left me disappointed, as this isn’t an episode that nails the combination of decent plot and ecchi charm as earlier episodes of the show did. But here I am, so what can I do.

As the penultimate episode of the show we are getting down to the crux point of plot this time around. Miyabi has reappeared having accepted a demonising type power from the Rebels. Unfortunately for our group the trade off is that she wants to kill them all- including Tooru, who she claims to love. After losing the extra guards for the conference, our heroes are forced to fend her off before being sent away by Tomoe, who insists she can get through to her because of their duo connection. Ringing out the clichés for all they’re worth at this stage it seems.

She's not looking particularly friendly right now.
She’s not looking particularly friendly right now.

Tooru and Julie go on to fight K. Fitting with the main motivation of the show up to this point the battle sees Tooru ending up in distress because Julie is hurt in the fight. Using the serum he received in the previous episode, he levels up his blaze to level 4 becoming a seemingly indestructible human shield before defeating K with his mighty fist. What was that I was saying about clichés?

Bigger is better they always say.

Tomoe is also successful in freeing Miyabi from her trance through a combination of some vaguely motivational words and repeatedly shouting ‘concentrate!’. Can’t say she did anything someone else couldn’t do – so much for that duo bond.

In a turn up for the books, after K’s master is humiliated in the Reign Conference, he comes to viciously scold K, before being killed by his subordinate, leaving events on cliff hanger for the final episode.

This guy is crazy. Personally it comes across as a bit of a death wish.
This guy is crazy. Personally it comes across as a bit of a death wish.

In truth, this isn’t a bad anime episode. The combat is quite interesting and we get a lot of genuine emotion from two of the main characters. If I was to point out the elephant in the room, it is that as a finale (or near finale at least), it lacks any kind of originality. It’s quite refreshing that the fan service is turned down (though not off) for what is obviously a series of serious events. I’m not out to make the case that I didn’t enjoy this episode of Absolute Duo. What I will say though, is that I won’t remember it as an episode that is even remotely memorable.


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