Seraph of the End, Episode 3: The Demon in Your Heart

After watching the first two episodes of Seraph of the End last week I was very much looking forward to the the next episode in what is looking like a very promising show. After being accepted into the Moon Demon Company at the end of last week’s episode, today’s (or yesterday’s depending on where you are) episode saw Yu doing his utmost to get a weapon.

I’d hazard a guess that Seraph of the End isn’t going to go down as a writers masterpiece, and I say that here because of the opening of episode 3. After receiving a love letter from a fellow class mate, Yu is lectured on the benefits of developing relationships and ‘illicit sexual relations’ by Shinoa, before he demands a fight to take her Cursed Gear (the weapon used to kill vampires).

I like Shinoa already, keep putting the over confident hero in his place!
I like Shinoa already, keep putting the over confident hero in his place!

The 2 or 3 minutes these events take range from awkward to vaguely amusing and does show off Yu’s desire for revenge, however, it all seems like it’s been stuck together in a funny way. For the most part I’ve got good things to say about the episode, but the start didn’t quite work for me.

For the most part, the episode focuses on finding a student that has stumbled into a demon lair beneath the school that is used by the Moon Demon Company for training purposes. In many ways the plot of this episode is largely irrelevant as it works only to build Yu’s character as a determined young man looking for a way to get revenge.

Yuichiro is setting himself out as the archetypal tough shounen lead.
Yuichiro is setting himself out as the archetypal tough shounen lead.

After going into the chamber (which he is warned against) Yu seeks to gain the weapon the possessed student has for his own Cursed Gear. After once again (for the third time this episode) ignoring Shinoa’s warnings he attacks the student grabbing the weapon away from him. We then see Mikaela with Feris at the gateway from the Vampire City to the human world in the least cliffhangerish cliff-hanger anyone has thought of in a while.

He then finds himself with his old friends from the orphanage in the vampire city. After a series of uncharacteristic dialogue, particularly with Mikaela, he realises he is hallucinating at the hands of the demon. Using this revelation he fights it off, waking up to see Shinoa and Yoichi above him. Though it is pointed out that he saved a student again, not much is made of it which goes to show just how little the events in these early episodes really matter in comparison to building the characters.

Surely it's not what it looks like? Oh dear children, I'm afraid it is.
Surely it’s not what it looks like? Oh kids, I’m afraid it is.

Although we’re seeing more of Shinoa in this episode and there was a general attempt to set her up as Yu’s female restrainer/sidekick/potential love interest, it was all a bit vague. With an episode where so little happened plot wise, I feel like they missed a trick in not trying to develop her a little bit more at this early stage.

If you enjoyed the things the first two episodes were doing, you’re very likely to enjoy this episode as well. In truth though, the lack of plot and development of side characters in this episode means technically, it’s not really that great. That said, I enjoyed it, and if you watched the first two happily, you probably will too.


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