Seraph of the End, episode 11: Reunion of Childhood Friends

At the end of the last episode the inevitable happened, Yu and Mika met each other again. Perhaps unconventionally so in as much as Yu stabs a cursed gear through Mika’s chest. That left us all waiting eagerly to the resolution in this weeks episode.

Touching, shame they realised after Yu stabbed Mika.
Touching, shame they realised after Yu stabbed Mika.

What becomes clear from this episode are two things: firstly, Mika sees his relationship with Yu as somewhere on a fine line between brothers and lovers and, potentially more importantly, Yu has something else to worry about that may be even worse than his own demon, Ashuramru.

This is another high intensity episode as the vampires led by Ferid and Crawley continue the fight against the human army.

All of these vampire nobles are pretty slimy.
All of these vampire nobles are pretty slimy.

After Mika escapes from Yu’s sword, the vampires quickly overpower the Moon Demon Company, with only Yu not being attacked as he is taken away from Mika.

Again we see another character, this time Mika, warning Yu about how humans are using him for their own ends. I suppose normally a review shouldn’t be about speculation, but I’ll do it anyway: it seems as if the problems Yu encounters in this episode are linked to experiments, but also that certain members of the Japanese Imperial Army have been involved behind the scenes in these experiments without Yu’s knowledge. Maybe? Or maybe I’m paying too much attention to the vampires.


I should also say that Shinoa is still proving to be as important a character as she was at the start of the season: it’s great to see that in a predominantly male show, there is a strong multi-dimensional female character that is constantly involved. In last night’s episode, for the first time we saw Shinoa act as a real support for Yu, in fact saving him (I won’t tell you what from because I’d rather not totally spoil the episode!).

Not so composed now, eh, Shinoa?
Not so composed now, eh, Shinoa?

Though they’ve been referenced a few times already from the vampire point of view, by the end of the second half of the season when we know what ‘Seraphs’ are, I get the feeling that this is the episode where we will have been really introduced to the concept.

This was another episode of Seraph of the End  that I really enjoyed. We got to really see Mika’s motivation, saw a new aspect to Shinoa’s character and most obviously, we saw a completely new aspect of the show to consider in relation to Yu.


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