5 shows to get you started in the anime world

So you’ve stumbled across this blog knowing nothing about anime or you’re just looking for some recommendations for shows to start with. Lucky you, because I’m going to share my top 5 shows that every anime newbie should watch. These aren’t necessarily the best shows, but they do cover well liked and accessible areas that will help you decide what other shows you might like in the future.

5. Sword Art Online

Not everyone likes Sword Art Online, in fact the ‘serious’ anime community (whoever they are), actively dislikes it. That said it’s actually very popular, and for good reason. Think swords, fairies and dragons – plus it’s based within a game. The themes of the show open it up to pretty much anyone and it’s a good example of great anime artwork.


4. Attack on Titan

If you’ve only heard of one anime up to this point, it could well be Attack on Titan. Violent, gory and incredibly emotional, Attack on Titan is an absolute must watch to see anime on the most epic scale. If that wasn’t enough, Attack on Titan, is probably the best show to watch if you’re looking to start talking to other people about anime.


3. Angel Beats

For me Angel Beats had to be on this list. Though it wasn’t the first show I watched, it was the show that pushed me to watch more. As a comedy come romance come action show, Angel Beats has a wide appeal. You’ll find that a lot of people loved it for it’s sad ending, but personally I really appreciated it for it’s comedic value.


2. Clannad

If you’re looking for an emotional anime, then  I have to direct you towards Clannad. For the most part a simple and honest slice of life romance, it depicts the normal life of the main character, Tomoya. It’s particularly good as, in the second series, it goes beyond the traditional anime setting of a school. This recommendation comes with a warning: there’s a good chance you’ll cry.


1. Full Metal Alchemist

Full Metal Alchemist should, in my mind, be the first show you watch. It’s characters are excellent, the story is paced well and the concept is fantastic. I’d advise watching the original first before the remake Brotherhood, just because you probably won’t be able to appreciate the original as much after you’ve watched Brotherhood. Without doubt one of the best anime series out there.



4 thoughts on “5 shows to get you started in the anime world”

  1. Well Brotherhoos has a better plot, it’s closer to the Manga. The rest are awesome, but c’mon no dbz?


    1. Completely agree, I think that if you watch brotherhood first though, you cant appreciate the original like you would otherwise. I didnt want to recommend one of the long running shonen shows just because they’re so well known – plus I haven’t seen more than about 20 episodes of dbz :/


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