Chapter Reaction: Attack on Titan 77 [SPOILERS]

As a big fan of the anime, I’ve gradually been making my way through the Attack on Titan manga. As those of you who read the manga will know already, there have been some frankly mind blowing revelations as the manga continues on after the end of the anime.

From this point on there will be big spoilers for chapter 77 and the manga post-season 1 anime – you have been warned.

That said, what a chapter to get myself up to date on. For those of us that were still unsure of Reiner and Bertolt, a huge mark against their names has come to light – fan favourite and all round nice guy Marco, who was killed by in Trost seemingly innocuously (though quite gruesomely) by titans as many other soldiers are in the series, was in fact caught overhearing our two villains talking about their titan abilities.

His death then was in fact a result of Reiner, Bertolt and to a lesser extent, Annie, who took his ODM gear and left him to an oncoming titan.

On a slightly less distressing level, we did see a conflict between Reiner and the other two. While Bertolt and in particular, Annie, were unsure of sentencing Marco to death, Reiner was much more willing or at the very least accepting of the need to kill Marco.

It was great to see Annie again who since her capture and imprisonment in Stohess hasn’t been seen. Especially so since she so openly showed real emotion in opposing Reiner – something that, although hinted at, we’ve never really seen before.

It was unclear as to whether this chapter was a flashback on Bertolt’s part, who was flying through the air in a barrel to the aid of Reiner who was being beaten to a pulp by Eren’s titan and the Survey Corps or whether it was simply a chapter to give us a bit more information about important characters that are on the edge of leaving the story.

Chapter 77 can be read legally online for free on Crunchyroll. Subscribers of Crunchyroll’s premium service can also read chapters 58-76.

Chapter 78 is scheduled for release on the 8th February.

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