Anime out of context: Erwin Smith for president?!

I’m going to open this post with two points that I’m imagining many people will have also asked. Firstly, what would happen if you were to take an anime or manga character from their show/manga and put them into the real world? Would they be as effective? Could they act in the same way or would they have to adapt?

The second point I’d like to bring up is the swathes of political disillusionment prevalent in much of society. Only 57.5% of people voted in 2012 US presidential elections – that means 2 out of every 5 eligible people couldn’t be bothered to vote. Now I’m not American (damnit I’ve never even been there), but I do believe I have thought of a solution that anime and manga fans the world over will approve of: Erwin Smith, leader of the Survey Corps, for president.


I know what you’re thinking… it is a good idea, right?! Just to prove it, let’s go through some of the good points of a Smith administration and some (vague) allusions to the other contenders:

  1. An outward looking foreign policy

It has been suggested that one approach to running the United States would be to build a wall to stop people that aren’t liked coming in. While Erwin clearly sees the benefits of this, he’s much more outward looking – though some might define this as expansionist – trying to reach out beyond his borders to understand other groups.

2. An excellent group of close staff leading to better education and security

Erwin Smith is known for getting the best people around him and this would continue as president. Smith’s running mate, Zoe Hange is famed for her pursuit of science and would champion education and scientific development. He also has the support of Levi Ackerman, possibly ‘the greatest soldier alive’ who gained his skills in the darkest hives of scum and villainy: the perfect man to ensure the effective running of US security services.


3. A selfless leadership that inspires confidence to boost the nation and world

Erwin Smith is a man of the people. He is an inspirational leader who leads from the front, a trait that sets him apart as the leader of the free world. When taking difficult decisions he ensures that he is also involved unlike many politicians who force the hardest decisions on others. Most importantly though, Erwin is an inspiration for everyone regardless of race, gender or class to aspire to.

So there you have it, the solution to the worlds political problems. Though no one in the world will be able to vote for Erwin Smith in their elections its nice believe that anime characters could really change the world… or something.



One thought on “Anime out of context: Erwin Smith for president?!”

  1. Or, of course there’s Kamina or Simon from Gurren Lagann, heck even Rossiu would be better than most of the candidates we’re getting pitched.

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