Anime Challenge – 30 articles in 15 weeks!

So after writing my little update earlier today I thought I’d have a look across the anime WordPress world (something I should clearly being doing more often!) and I came across an anime blogging challenge that I thought would be a lot of fun (thanks to Avathenerd at Reads, Rhythms and Ruminations)!

The challenge is to write 30 articles regarding different aspects of anime over the space of 15 weeks. That means I need to write, on average, 2 a week. Knowing me, I probably won’t write 2 every week reliably, but I’m going to finish!


Number 1 is the very first anime I watched – I’ll probably get started on that tonight but I’d be surprised if it goes up before tomorrow. Of course, this doesn’t mean I’ll only be doing the challenge, so there’s plenty of other articles that I’ll be writing around this.


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