New Year Blog Update

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 was a funny year for this blog with essentially nothing happening between July and December. The start of 2017 will bring a few changes  as well as a continuation of some of the things I want to do more of or simply do better.

Firstly and most importantly is to ensure that I’m writing more regularly content that is interesting but also that I enjoy writing. I plan to do far less in the way of reviews going forward – writing a thousand words on plot, characters, art, music etc. is fine but with that many words there are better things I could be doing. I’ve been reading more manga and playing more visual novels which will hopefully make appearances as well.

The other most significant change I want to make is the name. Although 18 months ago The Tiny of World of an Anime Amateur sounded catchy in my head I went of the idea relatively quickly but didn’t want to make a switch too quickly. Now seems like a good time to come up with something new however and I hope to be able to unveil that with some kind of logo/art/something in the next couple of weeks (really not my strong point but I’ll give it my best!).

After miserably failing to make good on my promise to write about every anime related to MAL’s anime watching challenge (as well as the challenge itself), I’ll be aiming to reach a middle ground this year, writing on most of the anime I watch in this year’s challenge.

I think that’s pretty much everything I had to say so look forward to more content soon and I wish you all have the best 2017 possible!



2 thoughts on “New Year Blog Update”

  1. Remember that reviews don’t always have to be long. I try to limit myself to five paragraphs because my schedule no longer allows for typing up massive posts. Some readers actually prefer a concise summary over a wall of text too.


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