MAL Anime Watching Challenge 2017

The list towards the bottom of this page will be constantly updated.

After dismally failing to complete last years MyAnimeList Anime Watching Challenge I’ve decided to give it another go – but this time setting the difficulty slightly lower…!

The folks over at MAL have tried to spice things up a bit this year moving away from the rankings of Easy, Medium and Hard and instead going for literal ranks. Difficulty ratings to chose from were Ensign, Major, Count, Duke and Emperor. To give myself a fighting chance of finishing this time around I went for Count.

There’s also another twist – we’ve got bingo cards. Mine looks like this:


To fit in with the difficulty I had chosen I needed to pick a pattern…


To complete the challenge I need to complete the nine tasks that correspond the numbers  in each of the four corners of bingo grid + plus the one in the middle that I get for free.

So (the interesting bit) these are the types of anime I need to watch to complete the challenge!

40. Watch an anime with at least one child as MC – Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimension (02/02)
63. Watch an anime that was recently reviewed
45. Watch an anime that combines one of your favourite and least favourite genres
25. Watch an anime with 50 episodes or more – Eureka Seven (24/11)
22. Watch an anime with 11 episodes or more – Koi to Senkyou to Chocolate (07/01)
11. Watch one of the 5 lowest scored anime from your favourite studio
5. Watch an award winning anime – Majo no Takkyuubin (18/04)
48. Watch an anime tagged as Shoujo or Josei
53. Watch an anime tagged as Dementia, Demons, Horror and/or Vampire – Alice to Zouroku (18/09)
67. Watch an anime that starts with the same second letter as your username – Ao no Exorcist (11/06)
54. Watch an anime tagged as Mystery, Psychological and/or Thriller – Kara no Kyouka 1: Fukan Fuukei (11/02)
70. Choose a random trope from TVTropes and watch an anime listed under the trope
73. Finish an on-hold or dropped anime – Joker Game (03/01)
2. Watch a Movie – Evangelion 2.0 (08/01)
69. Watch an anime that has a one word title – Gamers! (28/09)
43. Watch an anime with a main character that is a professional in his field – Ookami to Koushinryou (29/05)
38. Watch an anime with a main cast primarily of one gender – Haikyuu 3rd season (25/01)
1. Watch an ONA or stand-alone OVA – Nekopara (24/12)
35. Watch an anime with less than 5,000 completed members
33. Watch a completed anime with a score of or above 8.00 – Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2 (17/06)
36. Watch an anime with more user in “Plan-to-Watch” than “Completed” – Koe no Katachi (01/03)
3. Watch a short anime
55. Watch an anime tagged as Mecha, Military, Police and/or Space – Code Geass R2 (05/03)
19. Watch an anime that aired only during 2016 – Tales of Zestiria the X (05/04)
4. Watch a Music type anime
23. Watch an anime with 22 episodes or more – Boku no Hero Academia season 2 (29/12)
28. Watch an anime with 33 episodes or more
66. Watch an anime suggested by Anime+ or by MAL
64. Watch an anime with a synopsis by MAL Rewrite – Konosuba 2
30. Watch an anime adapted from a Web Manga, Digital Manga or 4-koma Manga- K-On (28/03)
50. Watch an anime tagged as Comedy, Harem and/or School –  Masamune-kun no Revenge
21. Watch an anime broadcast on a weekend – Fate/Grand Order: First Order (01/01)
41. Watch an anime with a main character that doesn’t look human
62. Watch an anime that hasn’t been reviewed
14. Watch an anime which began airing between 1917 and 1959
26. Watch an anime that has been adapted to live action – Kuzu no Honkai (01/04)

So there it is – 36 criteria that I need to fill watching anime over the next 358 days or so – wish me luck!

More information can be found on the MAL website here.

If you don’t fancy leaving a comment here, maybe leave one on my MAL profile.


2 thoughts on “MAL Anime Watching Challenge 2017”

    1. Have you read the second post on this page?

      If not, go on there and have a read. You need to get a random bingo card from the link there, choose the level and pattern you want to attempt (third post on that page) and then go to fourth post on that page to find out what criteria you need to fulfil for your card.

      In the actual post they want you use a little bit BBCode so that you can have different colours when you finish things (have a look here, it’s not too tricky if you’ve never done anything like that before – the help guide is pretty good and they only want you to choose a couple of colours!

      Each entry looks something like this: [*][color=GRAY][Started: ] [Finished: ][/color] . :

      And you just have to change the colour to whatever you want when it’s finished (or I did anyway because it looks nicer haha!) the ## to whatever item number it is and then the item text to the name of the anime.

      Hope this helped a little, but ask again if I haven’t made any sense! 🙂


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