Anime Challenge #2 Favourite anime watched so far: Guilty Crown

The second part of the anime blogging challenge asks me to choose my favourite anime I’ve watched so far. I’ve got a bit of confession to make here: I differentiate between what I think is ‘the best’ and what is ‘my favourite’ – that might not make all that much sense but I do it because of this anime.

Guilty Crown is one the most divisive anime out there (I mean it’s probably only beaten to number 1 spot by Sword Art Online). If I wanted I could go and find you some of the reasons why people don’t like the show but I don’t see the point because I ignore most of the holes in this anime in favour of it’s plus points.

In a cruel twist of fate, Shu Ouma gains the ability to materialise a persons soul through an object, gets drawn into a terrorist organisation and is forced, largely against his will, to fight the government and most of organised society. The young man’s stress though is possibly put to the test most by the fact that his crush, and famous singer, Inori Yuzuriha is fundamental to making best use of his ability.


This is a show that is faced paced with fantastic art, animation and music. Not all of the characters are perfect – Inori is in many ways a Rei (NGE) copy without the quirks. The second male protagonist Gai is possibly the strongest character across the 22 episodes though his involvement in the second half is rather confusing.

For me the best character for the show was Shu (bear with me). While the plot has a lot going on, it is essentially the story of Shu’s development from a wimpy, helpless highschooler to a self-confident, flawed but resilient hero.


Guilty Crown is an anime that caught my imagination when I was watching more anime than I ever have or probably will again. With that in mind I’m obviously going to be biased however, whatever you read anywhere on the internet this show is worth watching. It might be because of some of the things I’ve said or it might just be because of some of the highest production values you’ll see.

#3 on the challenge list is my favourite male character, so if you enjoyed come back and give that one a read too!

Thanks for reading! 😀


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