Anime Challenge #4 Favourite female anime characters – a list!

Along with my blog, I like to keep my MAL profile up to date as much as possible. Apart anime itself, the part of my profile that gets change the most is my favourite characters. As I made pretty clear in the last challenge post, I’m pretty fixed when it comes to my favourite male character. My favourite female character however is much more difficult to decide upon. At the moment this list looks like this:


This list is hardly extensive and even looking at it now I’m not keen on the order. So – stealing from someone else who is doing this challenge (I’m so sorry but I can’t remember who you are but I’m very grateful!), I’m going to write a list of all of my favourite female characters! So in no particular order…

Nao Tomori – Charlotte

Rubbish superpowers and school kids is the best way to describe Charlotte. Tomori is by far the best character in the show with a cynical personality, well-fleshed out back story and a love of rock (or is that post-rock?!) music.


Himeko Inaba – Kokoro Connect

I don’t want this to come across the wrong way – but Inaba is the ultimate girl who is doomed to lose. All the way through Kokoro Connect you’re desperate for Inaba to come out on top (at least I was) and right up until the end you’re sure she won’t. In the best anime love triangle I’ve seen, Inaba is absolutely the best girl.


Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

I always feel like Touka should be on my MAL list – in fact she has been in the past. If you’ve seen or read Tokyo Ghoul you’ll know that each ghoul’s kagune is pretty awesome in it’s own right. In my opinion, Touka’s is the most awesome. Unfortunately, like every tsundere (have you noticed that theme yet?) her attitude takes a back seat towards the end of the first part of the story (I haven’t got to :re yet) and she ends up too interested in Kaneki… that said she’s still great and I hope she’s getting loads of time in the current manga.


Mikoto Misaka – A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index

Her nickname is railgun. Need I say anymore?!


Shinoa Hiiragi – Seraph of the End

Shinoa is a great character not because she’s got a great power or is particularly good for the main character but she’s just funny. Her wit lightens what are generally pretty dark situations her team finds themselves in and, to be honest, I don’t think Seraph of the End would be half the show it is otherwise.


Rin Toosaka – Fate/Stay Night

I like the Fate series a lot (I actually wrote a guide to it if you’re interested) and one of the particularly unique characteristics of the franchise is that you can see all of the characters from slightly different angles. Rin is one of my favourite characters because no matter which version you get, she’s still interesting. Of course there are times when she plays second fiddle to other characters but she insists on being intelligent, tenacious and caring – whether it be towards Shirou or not.


Yuri Nakamura – Angel Beats

When I think of Angel Beats, I think of Yuri. To complete my list of favourite tsuderes – or do I mean females – Yuri Nakamura epitomises everything that I enjoy in a character. She funny, cynical, intelligent, has a reasonably well developed back story and most importantly (at least when distinguishing her from others on this list) is not defined by a male character.


I haven’t managed to talk about everyone I would have liked too (I mean look to the first image!?) but I think I already broke the rules enough with 6!

So that’s #4 on the challenge complete – when I lay it out like that it becomes obvious that I like a particular character type, doesn’t it? Who should I be looking out for in other anime or why am I overrating some of these characters? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading! 😀


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