Why marathon TV viewing is one of the best things to come from today’s internet

If you watch any kind of TV show (anime or otherwise) you’ll probably have discovered the joy of finding a show you absolutely love and watching episode after episode. It might range from getting in after a busy couple of weeks at work and catching up on three or four episodes or discovering a show that aired long ago in the past with eight seasons all readily available.

We use the internet for a lot of things: today I’ve completed online reading at university, checked several social media sites, browsed clips and screenshots on the Xbox, found a very useful prompt on WordPress (!) and watched several episodes of Haikyu!.


On the face of it watching TV online probably doesn’t seem all that big a thing to anyone – everyone does it all of the time, right? Well yes, but this is still a relatively new thing – especially for most people. Facebook and Twitter are great for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as generally wasting some time but being able to open up Crunchyroll (or whatever else it might be) and choose any show out of hundreds and watch as many episodes as I want one after another is just brilliant.

I’m proud to say that on one occasion just over a year ago, when I had the house to myself, I watched 11 episodes of a show (AnoHana – it comes highly recommended!) I’d never seen before in one evening. I found myself hooked very early on and before I realised I was over half way through – with all the power and no lack of desire to watch the rest I was happy to settle in for the duration.

So find an interesting show, get comfy and prepare for a long evening.

via Daily Prompt: Marathon


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