Anime Challenge #6 Anime you want to watch: Hyouka

This is a bit of massive topic isn’t it? After narrowing it down past shows that have already been released and shows that aren’t part of another franchise I’ve enjoyed, a lot of thinking, a roll of the dice and a game of rock, paper, scissors, I’m going to go with Hyouka.


Hyouka has been on my to watch list for such a long time, but I’ve only heard good things about it. It’s produced by the powerhouse studio, Kyoto Animation and is directed by the excellent Yasuhiro Takemoto. It’s an anime tagged as a slice of life, school mystery but it’s genre, studio and director aren’t really the reasons I’m interested.

The main characters – as far as I can tell – is one Houtarou Oreki, an apathetic high-school boy who doesn’t care for wasting energy. He doesn’t like clubs and is described in his MAL profile as ‘gray’. Despite all of this he’s is said to be intelligent, perceptive and diligent to his studies.


Not only do I think this is an excellent premise for a main character, it also intrigues me because the anime itself was brought to my attention by a close friend of mine who in many ways fits the description of the Houtarou (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that!).

Of course, besides that it is important to look back to the quality of the art – which seems at a glance, spectacular. And it’s rated reasonably highly on MAL (which is no by means a fool proof sign of a good anime but…) so shouldn’t be ignored generally.


So there you are. At some point I’ll get around to watching Hyouka – maybe it’ll even be the next thing I pick up. Who knows.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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