January in Review

There’s something quite exciting about the start of a new anime season, and winter 2017 was no exception especially as I was just getting this blog back up and running again! January saw me finish a few shows as well as pick up some new titles as well some that have been on my plan to watch list for a while. Before I get into any opinion, analysis or otherwise paragraphed writing, let’s do some stats.

In January…

I posted 18 new articles

Completed 10 anime tv shows or movies…

Was given 47 WordPress user likes

And had 8 new followers.

Quite the improvement, right?

Despite writing more articles in January than any other month I’ve had this blog, I haven’t really watched that much anime. Though I’ve completed 10 anime according to MAL, 4 of them were movies or specials and 3 had been shows that I’ve been watching for a while.

If there was a theme that’s run through this month, I would have to say that it was the Fate franchise, sparked by the release of Fate/Grand Order: First Order on New Years Eve and the announcement of Fate/Apocrypha soon after. I wrote a guide to the anime associated with the franchise, as well as featuring Rin in one of my blogging challenge articles.


I also introduced a new part of my blog that will focus on visual novels, which is beginning with If My Heart Had Wings. It’s an excellent visual novel that I enjoyed a lot and I hope my writing on it will get that across in the coming weeks!

This month I also tried, for the first time, some news articles (here and here) that proved to be the most read posts this month – so expect more of them as and when interesting things happen in the anime community.

I set myself some goals at the start of the month which I suppose you might have called New Years resolutions. Despite writing a lot of posts and generally being pretty pleased with how things have gone I’d have to say that I haven’t really fulfilled anything I set out to do. I’ve written briefly on visual novels, but not on manga. Most noticeably I still haven’t changed the name of the blog! Coming up with something I’m happy with is harder than I thought it would be and I won’t be rushing it to any timescale – but, that said, it is still on the way.


I’ve picked up four anime from the new season this month. I tend not to do episode reviews so apart from my take on the first episode of Scum’s Wish (which I got very excited about) I haven’t really revealed my opinion yet, but generally I’m not too enthralled.

If you’ve read any of my posts in the last month, thank you and I hope you’ll come back and read some more this time around! And as always, if you have like what I do, have suggestions on how I can be better or just feel like a chat, leave me a like or comment.



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