Anime Challenge #8 Favourite anime couple: Riika and Yuuta

It’s becoming clear to me that I lack a certain decisiveness when it comes to choosing favourites in anime. There are so many couples that I could have written this article about but, in the end, I decided to go chunibyou and choose Riika and Yuuta. Or should I say the Eye of the Wicked Lord and the Dark Flame Master!

One thing that I do find easy to choose is my favourite genre of anime, and that is romance. As you might expect then, I’ve seen a few of them and of them all them Love, Chunibyou and other Delusions, while possibly not the best, is the most fun. While the fantasy genre is massive in anime, with many a fantasy-romance crossover in existence, the subject of the people who are simply infatuated by the unreal and fantastical is hardly touched upon.


Chunibyou  is just that examination. Several of the characters within the show live, or have lived, in a world of their own creation where magic, superpowers and evil are common place. To Yuuta, this is a dark part of his past that he would rather forget, but unfortunately the tenacious Riika literally drops in on him to ensure he doesn’t forget.

Riika and Yuuta’s relationship is my absolute favourite because they are two characters that complement each other so well. What’s more, the writers didn’t default to a resolution that meant either of these characters had to sacrifice their key trait from the start of the show. The fact that they work around that, having so much fun along the way is testament to just how great they are as a couple.


It’s also worth saying that you get the sense that both Riika and Yuuta need one another. Some argue out that Yuuta, having ‘gotten over’ is chunibyou is only hindered by Riika; I would instead suggest that Yuuta finds himself in a state of directionless limbo only to be pointed the right way by Riika. The inverse relationship is also more complex than might be imagined as Riika’s character goes much deeper than a girl with a vivid imagination…


If you’ve never seen the show I hope this piqued your interest and if you have, let me know what you think of my choice of Riika and Yuta as my favourite couple.

Thanks for reading 😀


One thought on “Anime Challenge #8 Favourite anime couple: Riika and Yuuta”

  1. I love this couple. They are adorable together and while at times Yuuta tries to change Riika I love that he comes to the realisation she is who she is and that’s fine. The fact that both characters transform due to knowing and interacting with one another (particularly during the second season) just makes them feel very real and they are so incredibly cute together.
    Thanks for sharing.

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