Attack on Titan season 2 release date and new poster!

You may or may not have heard that more details for Attack on Titan season 2 have been released!

Even if you haven’t read anything over the past few days, you probably have seen this new key visual:


Anime only viewers have now joined manga readers in seeing that some of the minor characters from season 1 will be stepping up in season 2; see Reiner and Bertholt on Eren’s left and Krista and Ymir on his left taking significantly more room that either Mikasa or Armin. There’s also an ominous shot of the beast titan looking down on the cast which suggests that he will be very involved in the season. Along with the trailer that landed in late December this means we can probably assume that a good chunk of this season will focus on the Clash of Titan arc that follows on immediately from the Female Titan arc of the manga.

We also now have a release date! And what’s more, for fans of the dub, Funimation announced that they will be releasing the dub on the same day as it airs in Japan, that is April 1 (hopefully not an April Fools joke!).

The final, and possibly most exciting, bit of news was on the opening theme song. Linked Horizon, the band that performed Guren no Yumiya and Jiyuu no Tsubasa, will be returning for the opening of the upcoming season. So while there are no guarantees as to the quality of the second season of one of the most popular anime ever produced, we at least have a new song that this guaranteed to be epic. And in case you forgot how good those first two were…


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