Episode Focus: Code Geass R2 episode 5, Knights of the Round

I’m slowly working my way through the second season of Code Geass. I watched the first season ages ago and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t feel any particular need to watch the follow up. The prospect of season three sometime this year, however has given me that little push to get going with this season – which according to most, is brilliant.


Episode 5 sees the return of Suzaku, now a knight of the round and direct subject of the Emperor of Britannia. His arrival was seemingly prompted by Zero saving the Black Knights from execution in the previous episode. I was surprised all round with this episode: it seemed quite out of character for Lelouch as well as the show as a whole.


So what did Lelouch get up to that surprised me? Initially, his passivity towards learning about Geass from C-2 after almost being undone by Rolo’s power. Lelouch is a tactician that uses information to create flawless strategies to defeat his enemies, surely a short chat with C-2 to find out more (particularly when she isn’t actively withholding it) would have been in his interests. This passivity is continued on when he shows himself to the Black Knights, saying very little, relying on others to get him out of a tight spot – yes, he’s confident but time changes people and no one, not even Zero, could have been sure that that would have worked.


Now the episode more generally. Essentially, the majority of the episode can be branded filler; when C-2 and Kallen were close to being uncovered at the school festival everything (including the ever precise Lelouch) took on a comic tone. What should have been a really tense situation felt like a big joke that everyone was in on. The follow up to this returned Nunnally to fold in an attempt by Suzaku to draw Lelouch out, but surely this would have been unnecessary if any of the three so called legendary knights of the realm had been slightly more diligent.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy this episode. Despite everything that didn’t happen, the plot progressed a lot: Villetta was corned by Lelouch, Nunnally is revealed to be returning to Japan and we met two more of this seasons antagonists.


A strange episode, that probably won’t rank at the top over the course of this season, but one that has made me look forward to the next one all the same.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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