*Everyone loves lists!* Why I love anime stats

If you were dropping by today expecting something about a really exciting anime and were disappointed by this title hold on while I try and sell this one to you.

Here in the anime community everyone loves a list. From time to time the ‘top 10 action anime ever!’ can get a bit dull if there over done and there are only so many variations on the ‘top 50 anime openings of all time’ video. Rumour has it there are even some people that claim not to like lists at all – though I feel as if this cannot be true.

313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.
313000 anime opening videos. Better get started then.

Anime fans are particularly lucky with the types of lists we have – as well as the two I have mentioned already we can have other genre lists like top shounen or top comedy etc. or themed for seasonal events like top Christmas, Halloween or Valentines (like my one for Valentines cynics last week!). There are people out there that pump out lists every day as their one only medium of content and, I mean damn it, they can live off of it! 

To tell you guys the truth though none of those are really my favourite type of anime list. For me it has to my own stats page provided through MyAnimeList – now don’t get me wrong, there are an awful lot of problems with MAL and I won’t pretend otherwise. That said: the list bit, i.e. ‘L’ is awesome.

So what does your list tell you. Well let’s use mine as an example shall we? (notaplugnotaplugnotaplug)


So (ignoring my poor choice of colour and editing ability), this is my list at the moment, immortalising my shame as I admit to have once watched Hand Shakers. As you can see I’ve got a custom list design of which there are many to choose from – there was some code involved but I found it pretty easy to work out and I know nothing about that sort of thing. The nice thing about it is, I can see the key image of all of the anime I’m watching, have watched and plan to watch alongside scores and the such like. It even gives me a little stat box down in the corner with how many episodes I’ve watched in total.

Okay, so that’s the pretty side of it. Now I’ll show you the geeky side. A little known club in the MAL community is the graph.anime.plus club (catchy I know) and the guys there have made the most incredibly stats generating site you could ever wish for.


So the basics. You basically get what MAL gives you on your profile page: average score, anime completed, episodes completed and the same for manga.


It can put into a graph your score distribution (a feature you can export to your blog if you so wish, see right 😉 ) to see just how harsh you are.


You can also see how many episodes you’ve watched over the past three weeks, and how many shows you’ve completed in each month. Ever wanted to know exactly how addicted to anime you are? Well now you can find out!

In addition it also generates so recommendations for you as well your favourite genre and studio based on past scores.

Now to me all of that is pretty cool, but what do you think? Is it one geeky step to far or are stats and lists the best thing since anime? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading 🙂


N.B. I don’t have anything to do with MyAnimeList or MAL.Graph, I really enjoy using the list function of the sites and wanted to share!


5 thoughts on “*Everyone loves lists!* Why I love anime stats”

  1. I don’t think it’s geeky at all. I play a game called football manager, and it has lots of stats on clubs and players. It is very interesting. I used to be on MAL & yeah have heard of that site, but never used it. I mostly use anime-planet or humming bird as a list. Good post!.

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    1. I’ve heard of football manager – never had a chance to play but I’m imagining it would be my kind of thing! I like hummingbird too, I’ll have to check anime-planet out though – is it a similar sort of thing?

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yup anime-planet and hummingbird (or kitsu as its now known) are pretty much an anime database, pretty much like mal. In fact if you export your list from mal the two sites can import them. I don’t think they have a dedicated type of group that breaks down the stats though.

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