The Attack on Titan Challenge #2 Favourite Main Character

Thanks for coming back for the second article in my Attack on Titan challenge – anyone started counting down the days yet to season 2? (26 – if you haven’t).


The second item on the challenge list is my ‘favourite main character’. For the sake of ease I’m going to define this as one of three main heroes from Shiganshina, although I suspect by September we’ll be able to add some more to that particular list.


If you’ve a recurrent visitor to the Tiny World of an Anime Amateur, you might have noticed that I’m particularly fond of one of the three characters generally, so choosing out the three from Attack on Titan is quite straight forward.

I’ll say this now – I’m choosing Mikasa. Before I say why, I’ll tell you why I wouldn’t have gone for Armin or Eren regardless of who the third character is.


Armin has a fantastic strategic mind and a vision of dreams that inspires the show to look beyond death and human eating giants. That said however, he is a wimp. “But that’s a natural reaction to man eating titans!”, I hear you cry. Yes, I suppose it is, but think of it this way – even if you have a dream of going to space, you don’t attach yourself to a giant firework when you’re aware the sparks will most likely kill you first. Armin chooses the Survey Corps because that’s what his friends do, even though he knows it isn’t for him and unfortunately every other explanation pales in comparison and that is surely not the best character.


I can understand why people might like Eren. He’s tenacious, reckless, passionate and can turn into a titan by drawing blood. Unfortunately, I know that if I was in the fictional cast of Attack on Titan, I would feel just like Jean does towards Eren. His arrogance and idealism is frustrating and I’m just too pragmatic to put up with his self-righteous  attitude.


Mikasa on the other hand, picks up the most important qualities the two boys are missing and puts them at the forefront of her character while not sacrificing the most important aspects that makes the show’s characters great. To start with, she is extremely motivated and driven which, naturally, improves her focus and ability. What’s more realistic is that as 15/16 year old her motivation is her first and best friend who saved her life almost ten years ago – there’s no sense of this grand idealism that so many of the other character cite as their drive (this is of course all well and good, but I feel like it’s rather overused across the cast).


More obviously, and perhaps more important, she is a total badass. Apart from Levi, she is far and away the most talented and skilled member of the Survey Corps – I mean, did I mention she is 16! That scene in the forest where she is fighting the female titan with Levi was incredible not to mention the sequence in episode 7 in Trost after she is told by Armin that Eren is dead – just awesome!


And if that’s not enough, maybe you’d like to argue with this last screen grab?

Thanks for reading! 🙂 


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