Anime Challenge #13 Anime character most similar to you: Yuuta Togashi

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since I’ve written one of these anime challenge posts – I’ve been so caught up with my new Attack on Titan monthly challenge that I haven’t had much time to keep going with this one. That does mean I am a little bit behind, but even if I don’t quite complete the 30 articles in 15 weeks, they will eventually get done!


#13 is a bit of an odd one as I need to try and choose a character that’s similar to me. I tend to watch anime, partly at least, as a form of escapism so identifying a character that’s most similar to me isn’t something I’ve really ever thought about before. So, I’ve had a little think about it and I’ve decided on a character that has already featured in this challenge as half of my favourite couple: Yuuta Togashi.

I have always been a geek. In fact, I’ve always been a pretty big geek: whether it be with video games, board games, card games, anime, manga, music, I just happen to fall into that nerdy category. As I’ve grown older however, you might say my sensitivities when sharing my passions have increased and as such I’m not as free with them as I was in the past.


This is just like Yuuta. When we first meet him, we find him putting away his sword, packing up boxes of the past and desperately trying to pretend that he is what society views as ‘normal’. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I was ever what you would describe as ‘chuunibyou’, but I certainly went through a hiding away the geeky things period. I distinctly remember hiding away and then selling my Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Disk midway through secondary school (start of High School I guess).

Riika’s interactions with Yuuta is one of the best ways I can think of to compare to myself. While Yuuta scolds the childishness of Riika as he attempts to help her grow up and move on, inside he knows he can switch straight back to what he’s trying to stop Riika being: as we often see when he has to stop himself getting to into a ‘chuunibyou’ activity in front of the others.


The great thing about the show, and Yuuta and Riika’s relationship (as I mentioned in the previous post!), is that Riika is given the support she needs to start to move on from her past, but most importantly for my point here, also that Yuuta is able to reconnect with himself free of shame as and when he feels comfortable to.

So that’s another one down – only 17 to go! I’ll try not to use this show again as I want to try and keep things as fresh as possible for you guys.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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