Attack on Titan season 2 – Hajime Isayama

I was so excited when I saw that Isayama Hajime, the manga-ka for Attack on Titan gave an interview as part of Aniplus Asia’s series of interviews in the run up to this weekends premier of season 2 of the anime.

I’m not going to lie everyone, I really enjoyed this interview. Isayma-san seems like a really nice guy who is looking forward to seeing the anime as a viewer as well as making sure it lives up to his creation at the same time. Okay, man crushing over.

What did we learn from this interview then? Ymir is definitely the character to watch, like the two directors, Isayama seems really excited about the development of her character going forward in this season. There are some key manga points that he also spoke about as well including a flash back to Marco’s death – this was a really dark event in season 1 that was all the worse for it’s lack of context. I’m not sure if the reveal Isayama was talking about will make things better for people, but it will certainly be an exciting scene to watch.

The other thing that really struck me from this interview was how Isayama seems to have found a good balance between being involved with the production and standing back and letting the animation team do their jobs. It was great to hear that Araki and Koizuka had consulted Isayama on scripting and storyboarding for certain scenes. I was also interested to hear that Isayama want to improve certain aspects of the manga that he thinks could have been better through the anime – intriguing, right?

But guys: Marco?!

What did you make Isayama’s interview? Was there anything in particular that caught your eye that I’ve missed out? Let me know down in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 😀



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