The Attack on Titan Challenge #7 Character who should be more important in season 2

Yes, yes, I know, I miserably failed to complete this 10 article challenge through March and now that the new season of Shingeki no Kyojin has started airing (YAY!) I need to get a move on!

Much like #6 is this challenge, I’ve really set myself up to struggle through the next two articles as they’re about things I know about from the manga, but hey – I’m going to work around it anyway.


One character I really liked, but didn’t get to see enough of was Hannes, the lazy soldier who ended up saving Eren and Mikasa in Shiganshina at the expense of Eren’s mother. If there was one criticism I would place on Attack on Titan it’s that it tends to deal with adults differently to the younger core group of the main cast. Apart from the four members of the Levi squad, the adults that we get to learn anything significant about all come across as completely fearless/mad in the face of the titans. In comparison, Hannes is clearly not fearless AND he is somewhat important to the story (unlike all those guys that run away outside of Trost towards the end of the first half of S1). In fact, he is clearly quite terrified of the prospect of having to deal with titans – a fear I put down to being a normal kind of guy.


Take Levi for example – he has a dark back story (go and watch/read No Regrets if you’re interested) that like many of his Scout comrades makes him able to fight in a way most people would consider to be foolhardy (I know he’s calculated and sensible, I just mean the lack of cowardice in the face of seemingly unstoppable enemy).

So yeah, in the next 11 episodes I hope Hannes is around a lot and we get to see a normal adult human contributing the fight against humanity.


Have you missed Hannes since his last appearance in season 1? Do you think it’s fair of me to place the Scouts in a slightly mad group that doesn’t really fit into the social norm of being completely terrified of man eating monsters?

Thanks for reading 😀


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