Episode Focus: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor 1, The Unmotivated Bastard

It’s catchy isn’t it. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, I mean. Really rolls off of the tongue. Anyway, it’s time for another episode focus and it is yet another new anime from the Spring 2017 season. I’m not going to lie, this one was not on my plan to watch list until I saw it on Crunchyroll this morning with nothing else to do.

Akashic Records (as it will be known on this blog hence forth) is a fantasy, school, ecchi anime with hints of action to come, it is also the first episode of Spring 2017 anime that I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Rumia and Sistine go to the most prestigious magical school in the kingdom. Sistine’s favourite teacher quits and is replaced by the lazy and incompetent Glenn. Over the course of this episode I was getting the impression that the writers are going for a parody type (some people have drawn comparisons to Konosuba) of show, portraying a useless magical teacher who is defeated in a duel by his student.

I’m not sure how far the Konosuba comparisons will go as the season goes on, but I’ll have my say now – this is no Konosuba. Although I felt the second season was a let down, it’s comedy still pretty good – any show that even partly relies on a male teacher walking in on his female students getting changed for laughs is not on the same level (I don’t care if he points out it’s clichéd, that doesn’t make it okay).

The other problem with comedy in this first episode is it relies on Glenn having no backstory at all. At some stage, someone is inevitably going to tell us what they didn’t in episode one – that is why he is so incompetent. Don’t get me wrong, a teacher so pathetically losing to his student in a duel was funny, but it’s not a style of comedy that’ll make me laugh again and again. I’m just struggling to see where they’re going to go with going forward – although that is the writers job, not the reviewers.


There is an action tag for this show so I do wonder if perhaps it will break away from the comedy of the first episode to include a slightly more serious plot. Don’t get me wrong, there really were funny moments, I just wasn’t that impressed with this episode as a piece of comedy overall.

I’ll be back next week for another episode, but I want to see more magic and more plot to supplement the comedy and then maybe I’ll start to enjoy Akashic Records a bit more.

What did you make of the first episode of Akashic Records? Have I been overly harsh for its introductory episodes or did anyone else find themselves disappointed?

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2 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor 1, The Unmotivated Bastard”

  1. glenn’s introductory characterization is too long to fit in a single episode, unfortunately. next episode should wrap it up in what will likely either be a high point or somewhat disappointing, or possibly both of the above.

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