Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 1, Gear of Destiny

How many times do we have to watch someone who is somehow ‘different’ question why the people around them don’t treat them less than they would someone who isn’t.

Clockwork Planet looked a bit dodgy from the trailer and episode one has done nothing to alleviate these worries. The story goes a little like this: the natural world has died and humans have saved it by introducing gears to operate in natures place. Naoto is a useless aspiring clocksmith who finds a mechanical girl fall from the sky. Despite not being able to fix a clock, he somehow manages to get this girl working by turning a screw in her heart (yes, really). RyuZu, the automaton, is intelligent and powerful, but lacking in any kind of modesty. After being activated by Naoto, she proclaims him her master, in a weird ecchi scene…

Mari is a princess of some kind, as well as a scientific genius. We see little of her in this first episode but she seems to be pretty important as at the end she is set on a course to stop the military collapsing Kyoto into deepest, darkest depths of the broken Earth. Her defining trait is not her intelligence however, but more her arrogance and lack of ‘typical’ high status ladylike formalities.

So the thing is, nothing happened in this first episode, but that wasn’t why it wasn’t a particularly great start to the season. As we saw from a future battle that the group find themselves in, a struggle is set to ensue and I would be prepared to wait for that. No, the issue here is how boring they managed to make a really interesting idea.

When you start a show by telling the audience that the world is dead, you’ve given yourself a platform to build on. Unfortunately though, after the mini prologue Clockwork Planet, never really regained my interest. RyuZu is the most interesting character up to this point as I have no idea where she came from or what her purpose is. All of the other characters however, were mind-numbingly generic: Naoto is a school kid with an ambition and untapped ability (not interested), Marie is a stuck up rich girl who happens to be clever – I’m guessing she’s had family troubles or something that made her who she is, honestly I don’t know, but again I’m not fussed. Marie’s bodyguard, Vainney is clearly meant to be the funny guy, but his wit, if it does exist, was wasted on this opening episode.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think that these characters are dull for sure – after all this was only the first episode and things might improve. There was though, so much time wasted here that could have been used to flesh out the cast – I mean, what was the point of the two minutes stood outside a love hotel, he likes the sound of her gears, that’s a funny, unique way of being perverted – we get it, move on already!

As I say with every poor first episode I watch, I’m not going to write this show off. With another 25 or 50 minutes, things might get a whole lot better, but you can forgive me for skeptical about this one so far, right?

What did you make of Clockwork Planet? Is this another instance where I’ve been too harsh or do you agree that this hasn’t started well?

Thanks for reading! 😀


8 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 1, Gear of Destiny”

  1. I was pretty sceptical about this to start off with and now I’m just more sceptical of it. This episode wasn’t what it could’ve been. It did have good ideas but they were kind of just glossed over. I wish they’d spent some time on how this clockwork planet works since it’s such an interesting concept!
    The other thing that bugged me was the character designs. I just don’t like them at all. The art style of the planet it nice but the characters are just a big no from me. Having said that, I’ll probably watch this through to the end 😂
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊

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    1. I definitely agree – the actual planet was the most interesting thing and it was completely passed over after it was initially introduced.
      I know what you mean, I particularly disliked the designs for the mechanical girl – it got the steam punk thing all wrong? Haha, yeah me too, so let’s hope it gets better quickly!

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      1. Yes it was… hopefully they come back to it because it would be a real waste if they didn’t.
        Yeah. What part of her screamed automaton? I don’t know where that design was heading at all 😂 I really hate Naoto’s design as well. I’m guessing he’s supposed to be at least a teenage boy but he looks like a little girl…. it really doesn’t suite the vibe of the anime at all.
        Yeah lets otherwise it’s going to be such torture to sit down and watch this every week 😂

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  2. I’m passing on this one. Having just endured Hand Shakers my ability to give a show the benefit of the doubt is currently on hold. I may go back and watch later if I’m told this rapidly improves, but episode 1 gave me no reason to keep watching.

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    1. Finding myself still struggling through Hand Shakers I totally sympathise with you here. I’ve always been quite stubborn with shows so tend not to drop anything, although eventually one of these awful shows will one day force me to, I’m sure.

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      1. I used to complete things, now I kind of drop. Hand Shakers just kept daring me to drop it though so I got stubborn about it and ended up watching the whole mess. Yes, I am sometimes really childish.

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      2. Haha, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen six episodes of Hand Shakers and I really don’t care about the rest of the series, but like you I think I’ll end up seeing the rest of it.

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