Spring 2017, week one roundup!

Uni has finished for the term, my work is due for four weeks, so of course I accidentally went crazy on the blog. Not only have I started more episode reviews than I originally intended, but I also started more shows than I intended – although I haven’t been able to start all of the shows I intended to…

This is a new weekly article that I want to do to give a very brief thoughts to all of the seasonal episodes that I have seen in the last week. As I started on Saturday with Attack on Titan, I thought Saturday morning (or Friday morning depending on where you are in the world) would be a good time for this. As I do like ranking things, I’m also going to let you know how I viewed it compared to the other episodes of the week. For those who want to get inside my organisational workings, this list is ordered by the order in which I watched each episode.

Shingeki no Kyojin season 2, episode 1: The Beast Titan

After a long wait, and several articles last month in anticipation, we got season two of Attack on Titan. Episode one didn’t disappoint (apart from it’s opening and ending). The Beast Titan picked up where season one left off with fast paced action, loads of brutality and enough shouting to make you wonder if Eren has been giving lessons. My favourite episode of the week. Full review here.


Alice to Zouroko, episode 1: The Red Queen Escapes

I went into Alice and Zouroko completely blind and wasn’t entirely disappointed. It was really refreshing to see an older character like Zouroko, a guy who comes across as entirely relatable, get a main part in a shounenish anime. That’s the good bit. The rest, unfortunately, was not so impressive as most of the cast was fairly generic. The art and animation values were pretty substandard as well, and well, you know, I like a pretty show and this certainly was not that. Fourth out of six this week. Full review here.


Sakura Quest, episode 1: Off to Magical Manoyama

If they keep this up, I’ll be happy to say P. A. Works have done a cracking job with Sakura Quest. This episode was a lot of fun, and although serious character development was a bit lacking in this first episode, we were given a good idea of what we can expect going forward. Also, remember what I said pretty anime? Well this is one of them! If you want to show your friends what a new slice of anime should actually look like, then get them to watch this with you. A fellow blogger described this first episode as ‘charming’ and I can’t help but agree. Sakura Quest was bettered only by Attack on Titan in the first week of Spring 2017. Full review here.


Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashi Records, episode 1: The Unmotivated Bastard

I really wasn’t going to watch this. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it and surprise, surprise I didn’t. This magical school parody (which may or may not turn out to be a parody) was a poor attempt to recreate some of the success from fantasy parodies of recent seasons. What’s more the humour that we got throughout the episode was running thin for me before the episode even finished. Doesn’t bode well, but this one might just be one of those that isn’t for me. Avoids the wooden spoon though, coming in fifth of six episodes. Full review here.


Tsuki ga Kirei, episode 1: Spring and Hard Times

Everyone likes a high school romance right – well try and out a middle school romance instead! I enjoyed this episode of anime, it set the scene nicely for what we’ve got to look forward to going forward in the season and the way it was shot was quite beautiful. However, I’m worried already that this straight forward romance won’t go anywhere and will run out steam quickly – I need something here to hold my interest beyond it just being sweet and pretty (though that probably will make me stick with it). Middle position and last podium place for third. Full review here.


Clockwork Planet, episode 1: Gear of Destiny

Unlike Akashic Records, I had always intended to watch Clockwork Planet, though after episode one, I’m slightly wondering why. The main character here is a pervert, yes, fine, we get that. Yes, it’s the sound of the mechanical girl’s gears that he likes, fine, I get it. Beside this over emphasised point, the characters weren’t interesting and the story doesn’t seem to have much going for it, although I will say that the first fifteen seconds weren’t all that bad. Someone has to come last and this week it’s Clockwork Planet. Full review here.

There you are then. Let’s be honest, for me, unless something awful happened, I was always going to enjoy Attack on Titan the most, but who knows about next week when we get to see a bit more from all of these new shows.

In addition to the shows I reviewed, I had also intended (and was quite looking forward to) Sakurada Reset, though as things stand it is only legally available through Amazon to their US users, and while this is great IF YOU LIVE IN THE STATES, it isn’t for anyone else. There are also a couple of others shows that seem to be exclusive on Amazon’s extortionately priced (yeah, I’m going slate you people, damn it) service that air next week that I also might have to miss. So if anyone knows of a legal service that has Sakurada Reset, or any of Amazon’s other anime titles, please let me know!


Adding to all of these shows, I will definitely be watching Re:Creators and Eromanga-sensei, which both air in the next couple of days – so keep your eyes open for episode reviews of those.

If you’ve stuck with me to this point, I’m sure I can guess what you might be thinking – ‘but Sam, how are you going to be able to keep up with episode reviews for all these shows that you’ve started reviewing – do you not have other things to write about/do in life generally’. Well, you’re absolutely right to think that, and once I’ve done an episode review for every show I’m watching, I will be stopping some of them. Which ones, I don’t know, as I’m going to put it to you guys to decide for me! Keep your eyes peeled, but after my Eromanga-sensei episode one review on Sunday or Monday, I will put a survey up that I would really appreciate you guys filling out.

That’s all for now –

Thanks for reading! 😀


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