Help me choose what to watch! #1

My plan to watch list feels like an ever growing pit that increases by five every time I watch something – serves me right for watching so many seasonal shows I guess.

I’m crawling towards the finish line with Hand Shakers and I really want to be able to binge something good when I’m done. So I’d like to humbly ask you all for some advice. I’ve picked five shows that I’ve been meaning to watch for ages and stuck them in a poll. If you’ve got fifteen seconds to cast your eye over a list, please do and tell me what I should watch next!

And if you won’t do it for me, do it for Yui instead.


3 thoughts on “Help me choose what to watch! #1”

    1. I really want to see Hyouka too! I’ve never seen anyone say anything bad about it and it’s KyotoAni and damn it just looks so good!

      The votes are pretty close at the moment, so it’s definitely still got a chance! 😀

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