Anime Challenge #15 Favourite anime sidekick/animal/summoning: Puck

Hey everyone – the anime blogging challenge is back after a bit of a break! Don’t worry about the completing this in 30 weeks things, I’ve thrown that out of the window, just sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. Some very mild spoilers for Re:Zero here, so if you don’t want to know a very minor bit of info, then watch at least 3/4 of the show and then come back.


What makes a good sidekick in an anime? Is it having an awesome power that can aid you in battle or protect you from a secret assassin? Is it being able to transform into a terrifying monster to avenge you should you die? Or is simply to look good on your shelf as a plushie? The answer is of course all of these things, and therefore, there can be only one choice – Emilia’s trusty floating cat (?), Puck!

In Re:Zero, Emilia and Puck are in the buy one get one free whether you want it or not deal. From the get go when Emilia saves Subaru from being robbed in a back alley, Puck is on the scene to boost her magical power and to ensure that she does get herself into too much trouble.


In the first part of the show, Puck is also one Subaru’s most relied on allies. We often see Subaru going to Puck for advice about certain goings on in the world whether it be related to Emilia or not (though, it often is). As a magical creature, his age is never disclosed, but it is quite clear he is not as young as his youthful feline appearance might have us belief and this comes across at points in his advice to both Emilia and Subaru.

**Now for that SPOILER**

As well as being able to boost Emilia’s magical abilities and using some pretty strong magic in his normal form, Puck also has the ability to transform into a rather larger cat that is no longer particularly friendly. The writer has only elected to show us this form on one particular occasion when Emilia is killed, firstly by followers of the witch and secondly by Subaru who tells her that he is reborn every time that he dies or is killed. In this second instance, Puck puts aside any semblance of friendship that he had with Subaru (as I’m sure he would do to anyone else as well), to put the world into an eternal winter.


**End Spoiler**

Finally, and for some most importantly, Puck, despite his disappointment at being told so, is adorable. If you were looking to get a cute toy for someone you could do much worse in getting a Puck plushie. Maybe this is part of a wider plot point that is yet to be revealed, but somehow his friendly appearance put me at ease most of the time he was on screen in the early parts of the show.


In the final ten episode or so of the first season, we didn’t see much of Puck (or Emilia), but I suspect if we’re given a second season at any point, we’ll see some more regular appearances from the best flying cat on TV.

By the way, if anyone can confirm that Puck is definitely a cat, I would love to know in the comments!

Thanks for reading 😀


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