Episode Focus: Sakura Quest 2, The Gathering of the Five Champions

If you didn’t get a good idea of what Sakura Quest was going to be like after episode one last week, episode two will leave you in no doubt as to what you’re getting.


This week’s episode served two purposes:

  1. Introduce the other main characters who will end up working with Yoshino in the tourism agency;
  2. Create a vaguely realistic scenario to keep Yoshino in Manoyama.

Things pick up from where they left off with Ushimatsu finding Yoshino on the throne, insisting that she has decided to stay. Yoshino’s situation is soon further compounded when a thousand boxes of Kapibara biscuits turn up needing to be sold within a week. You guessed it – if Yoshino finds a way to sell all of the biscuits, she get’s to go back to Tokyo.


Enter new characters. Alongside Yoshino and Shiori, the main cast seems as if it will include: Maki, a failed part-time actress; Riri, a quiet and shy girl who has been Shiori’s friend since childhood and Sanae, a slightly older woman working as a web designed who used to live in Tokyo before moving to Manoyama.

After different combinations of these characters use different methods to get people to buy the biscuits including hand-selling to residents, creating a website and finally a video – the group fail to sell anymore than four boxes of biscuits. The state of Yoshino’s contract remains resolved, but she is pretty happy to stay with her new friends and wait for the sakura in a couple of weeks.


As with last week the character of this episode came through for me. I always think with slice of life shows you’ve got to look for one of two things: reinventing a particular aspect of the genre (very difficult) or sticking with the tried and tested formula and doing it perfectly. And for me, Sakura Quest is doing a pretty good job with second so far. The characters that we met in this episode don’t particularly go against what we might have expected, but they are all so endearing it’s hard not to like them all anyway.


I didn’t mention this week but for any animation/art geeks out there keep an eye open for Yoshino’s facial expressions in this episode (and the first if you’re yet to see it) – there’s so much attention to detail, I’m sure someone could write a post detailing all of the different expressions she’s had so far. As I said last time – PA Works do make pretty anime.sakuraquest_6

I can also see this one setting up for two cours as we initially take some time to get to build up the friendship of the group before thoroughly working towards getting loads of people back in to Manoyama, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

What did you make of episode two of Sakura Quest? Is this slice of life comedy everything you expected to be after two episodes and will you keep going with it? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! 😀



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