Attack on Titan challenge #8 Character you’d least mind dying

A bit of a grim theme for #8 of the Attack on Titan blogging challenge as I have to choose a person I wouldn’t mind dying – and to keep things anime friendly, I should really only choose based on events that have already happened in the anime (that is up to episode two of season two). There is however, no shortage of characters, important or otherwise, dying with little warning in Attack on Titan. 


Frankly, this was a stupid title to add to the challenge because I don’t want any of the ‘good’ guys to die and the bad guys (apart from Annie) haven’t made themselves known to the world yet. The things I do for this blog…

If someone has to die, it may as well be Connie. In season one, there were several members of the 104th Cadet Corps that were treated as superfluous to the main story and Connie was certainly one of them. As a group, they had a tendency to whine a lot (don’t get me wrong, I probably would too given the situation), but unlike some of the others – Sasha with her comedic ‘potato girl’ nickname, Krista equally funny, if only for the scene where she brings horses for the guys on the expedition – Connie offers little that couldn’t be provided by a different non-specific character.


For example, in episode seven of season one Armin follows Mikasa after she runs out of gas and is left stranded in the streets of Trost. Armin, for all of his faults, is irreplaceable in this moment as only he would suggest staying behind with a blade to kill himself while the others escaped with his gas. Connie is the third character in this situation who is simply disbelieving of any idea that might see the rogue titan helping humanity out – that is, he is giving us the expected view of any typical person.


‘But, Sam, we can’t kill someone off because they’re normal! We need people like that in this show.’ Right you are, however, we have other people like that who are much more interesting to watch – namely Jean, whose purpose in the series is to be weak (thanks for pointing that out Marco) and lead others because he can understand them etc.

As I said, choosing someone for it whom it would be okay to die is a pretty harsh to set myself and in the coming episodes of season two I might be forced to reconsider – particularly as we hints that Connie will be a little bit more involved at the end of the last episode.

If it was up to you, who wouldn’t you mind kicking the bucket next in Attack on Titan? Is it an impossible decision or is there someone that stands out for you?

Thanks for reading! 😀


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