Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 2, Purge

Earlier this week I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself enjoying Akashic Records’s second episode after it’s dismal opener. There was then some hope for Clockwork Planet’s episode two ahead of airing yesterday, Unfortunately, I found myself to be disappointed.

At least she’s building a character profile.

This week we got to see a bit more of Marie and Halter as they attempt to stop the military conducting a purge of Kyoto. Most of this episode saw them running around the core tower trying to reactivate the power and figure out a way to search through half a million parts to find the problem in less than half a day. Back with Naoto and RyuZU, the slice of life, fan service continues as our automaton protagonist enrols at school before going clothes shopping with Naoto.

Just as well we won’t be checking all of them then, isn’t it?

The big problem with this episode is that I learnt almost nothing about the characters even though, this episode was, like last week, highly focused on the characters. What we did find out was that Halter is exceptionally strong – so strong in fact that I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also a robot of some kind. In the other pairing, it has also become apparent this week that RyuZU is partial to a good compliment to the point it seems like she actually gets quite embarrassed when she receives one. This is a pretty worrying state of affairs as the idea of romance between those two is completely ridiculous but already it seems as if that’s where the writers are pointing things.

Now for this things that happened and didn’t tell us anything. Marie gets angry pretty easily when things don’t go her way, and when things aren’t going well in the world it still centres around her. No one told us that in so many words last week, but from the brief amount of time we got with her, I’m not sure why anyone would be surprised – a good amount of time was just spent with her in an elevator watching her hit Halter over and over. Fine, we get that you’re annoyed – let’s move on.

How I felt after this episode.

The final scene this week sees the two pairs meeting each other, which will start to bring us full circle to the opening scene last week where the four of them are fighting robots on a rooftop. Hmph. That means next week’s episode won’t be adding much to the story either. Talk about the planet stagnating, do something about the anime.

What did you make of episode two of Clockwork Planet? Did anything happen this week to make you optimistic for the rest of the season or is this heading towards Spring 2017’s dropped pile?

Thanks for reading! 😀


3 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 2, Purge”

  1. I totally agree with you! This episode was such a disappointment. We learnt nothing new about the characters and the plot hasn’t moved an inch from ep 1. To add to all of that, it was so obvious this episode was all in place just so the two parties could meet! Could they make it any more blatant? 😡😡

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