Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 3, Howling at the Moon

I’ve been falling behind a bit with my episode reviews in this past week, but I wanted to write this one up straight away because Tsuki ga Kirei is showing itself to be the dark horse of Spring 2017!


At the end of this weeks episode we’ve reached a bit of crossroads – on the one hand we might be heading for nine episodes of coming to terms with the idea of a relationship or alternatively, nine episodes of seeing a relationship flourish (my preferred option).

Before I say anymore though – the episode. We start with dreaded mid-terms, an event that neither of our protagonists are particularly excited for as they each have other things to worry about. Akane’s track meet is coming up soon while Kotarou is preparing to send off his novel submission for best newcomer award. There’s another opportunity to see the awkward glances between the two that I’ve come to enjoy so much over the first two episodes, but otherwise we don’t really learn anything in this opening scene.


As we get closer to the athletics meet we get near confirmation that Akane’s club mate, Hira is interested in Akane. There was a lot of build towards the supposed confession from Hira throughout the episode, but even at the meet we don’t get to see it.


Meanwhile, Kotorou is busy with his novel and the neighbourhood association. For him, this episode is painful preoccupied to the point where I felt like someone needed to come and help him out. Everyone is talking about getting together around him, but he’s hardly had a single face to face conversation with the girl he likes – far too much pressure!


And the end of the episode that is the result of all this pressure on poor Kotarou. Trying to remember a famous quote about using the moon (tsuki, つき) and love (suki, すき) is the name of the game here. After his musical practice for a local festival, Akane comes to find him to let her know how she got on at the track meet. Though the pair had been chatting a lot on LINE throughout the episode, she was unable to contact Kotarou because of the famous lack of charge excuse.



Akane shares her exciting news to which Kotarou responds excitedly before forgetting how to speak which leaves him to resort to classical literature. Despite knowing where this was going, I was quite shocked to see a confession as early as episode three. We didn’t get to see Akane’s answer, leaving us on a cliffhanger which could lead us to either of the options I mentioned earlier.


So far I’ve been really impressed by Tsuki ga Kirei, but episode three’s concluding events present the biggest challenge to it’s narrative so far. Most romances would leave such an event until much later so the way it handles things at this stage will be really important. I’m hoping they get it right, as they have done with mostly everything else so far!

Thanks for reading! 😀


5 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 3, Howling at the Moon”

  1. In a way there was a lot of foreshadowing to Kotarou’s little outburst at the end but I wasn’t expecting him to ask Akane out in this episode! It was definitely a nice shock but I am curious to see where the anime goes from here. I mean they hardly know each other so whatever Akane’s answer is, it’s not going to be surprising either way. However, I am rooting for these two so I am holding out hope! 😊

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    1. I’m with you on that – they hardly know each other at all! I can’t help but think it has to work out eventually, but I’m sort of expecting a non-committal answer of some sort from Akane at the start of the next episode, but who knows 🙂

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      1. Yeah, the way they behave around each other is pretty awkward but there is a sense of comfort which they haven’t realised yet so it will work out, it has to!
        Same here. I’m not expecting something straightforward from Akane. She seems to out of her comfort for that. 😂 We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes but I’m glad I’m enjoying this because in all honesty I was expecting this to be boring – I’m glad it’s not! 😊

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