Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 3, Conflict

Every so often I feel completely let down by anime. As if I’ve been shown the carrot to get me into the paddock only to be hit with the stick. That’s how I felt about this weeks episode of Clockwork Planet – as if I’ve denied my carrot and hit with stick, how sad.


The point I’m getting at here is this: there were moments in episode three of Clockwork Planet that threatened to get me excited, but in the end I found myself as disappointed as I had been with the first two episodes of the series.

Things would really have got interesting if she’d followed through here.

For me the best bit of the episode comes at the start when RyuZu almost kills Marie after she contemplates killing Naoto to get his robot girl for herself. I actually felt a level of tension caused by the easily made mistake made by Marie about the nature of RyuZu and Naoto’s relationship. And that was that, I went back to being disappointed.

The main problem I’ve got with this show is that everything that happens feels so juvenile. Despite Marie being an important and apparently incredibly clever scientist, the only thing we’ve got to see about her so far is that she can’t control her childish emotions, though I will admit I felt that this was less of an issue this week than it was in the first two episodes.

We come across other examples of pure childishness whenever Naoto decides to open his mouth. Apart from being able to pinpoint events over large distance using excellent hearing (which gives Marie a reason to bring him along for the ride), all he does it fawn over the various robots around him. Sure, I get that we’re meant to know that he is passionate about gears, but the show makes it out as if he cares for nothing else at all – a point shown to us this week when RyuZu appears to show something akin to jealousy when Naoto asks Halter (who is, himself, a cyborg) to look inside him after they’re done saving the city.

Last but certainly not least of my criticisms this week is episodes ending. You may have seen my article on Tsuki ga Kirei episode three yesterday where I spoke about how well the ending of that episode fitted in with the tone of the show up to that point. Well Clockwork Planet does just the same, but opposite. After RyuZu has saved the day and got them into the tower, Naoto decides to ask her to marry him (no, this isn’t a joke, though I think it is meant to be funny). I’ve said in the past being self aware of stupid writing doesn’t necessarily mean it’s write stupid things into your anime, and that is certainly the case here.

All we can hope for going forward is that the fantastical element introduced this week helps to shift the tone away from a character based narrative towards a more plot focused one as, frankly, I’ve had enough of this lot already.

Thanks for reading! 😀



5 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 3, Conflict”

  1. This episode was really disappointing. I get that this anime is going to be really silly and exaggerated when it comes to gear heads and Naoto and RyuZu’s relationship but I’d still hoped for something better than this.
    I agree the proposal was meant to be funny but, it fell flat. What part of that was funny? It just didn’t feel like anything new and had me thinking “here we go again” and rolling my eyes. I guess for me this show is definitely one of the worst ones this season. :’)
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊

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    1. I think part of it is that it’s trying to be too much all at once. Sure it’s a sci-fi/fantasy action show, but why try and make a full fledged comedy at the same time. It’s not as if this a gintama esque parody Sci-fi.
      Definitely one of the weakest shows of the season :/

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      1. That’s so true. It would be nice id it cut the forced comedy. That would at least make it watchable to some degree.
        Yeah it pains me to watch it every week but I’m going to see this through to the end 😂😭

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