Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 4, Soldier

You know things are going to be serious when you go straight into the opening titles.


For the first three episodes of season two we’ve had a quite a different experience to that which had in season one. These three episodes of character development of characters we’d previously learned to treat as secondary have been some of the best, but episode four gives the thrill that made Attack on Titan the hit it is in the first place.

The end of season one left us with the hanging hook that there had to be more titan shifting humans in plain sight but only now has one revealed themselves and from a completely surprising direction!


It’s quite difficult not to get ranty after an episode like this but to put things into context this is an episode without Levi, Eren or Mikasa and it was still incredible. From Reiner carrying a titan on his back through to the Beast Titan throwing giant rocks at the Scouts from the top of the wall.

The foreshadowing to Krista and Ymir that we got in the last episode paid off immediately as Ymir’s true nature with Krista’s past slated to be shown off next week (manga fans can confirm this from the episode title ‘Historia’).

Perhaps what showed off the quality of this episode the most however was the return of deepest darkest despair to the show. If death and the loss of a village in previous episodes wasn’t enough for you, not being able to have a last drink before you die in the face of man eating 8-metre giant should do the trick for you. Shingeki no Kyojin generally delights in destroying the hopes and dreams of it’s main characters, but this week surely reached a new level of despair.


An excellent episode that complements the first three episode of development and build up fantastically. Little time has passed since the start of the series but so much has happened; we’re being treated to so much detail and insight and long may it continue as this season continues.

Thanks for reading! 😀


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