Episode Focus: Akashic Records 4, The Magic Competition

When I first started watching Akashic Records I thought it was going to be a painful, poorly made, unimaginative anime that I would struggle to watch for the its duration. After four episodes my view on this has changed, it’s now just another light novel adaptation that will likely sail by without leaving much of a mark.

Typical Glenn.

After the conclusion of the attack on the school last week, we’re thrown into a magic tournament in the school, attended by none other than the mother who abandoned Rumia, the queen. Once again Glenn takes an active interest in events, but, of course, he has ulterior motives – gaining the bonus for teaching the winning class of the tournament. Long story short, everything goes pretty well for Glenn’s class two, with them sitting in second place at the end of the episode. We also saw the final two characters from the promo poster in a final, ominous, shot – though I’m imagining after an initial ruckus, they’ll turn out to be alright. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re somehow connected to Glenn’s shady past given the switching of shots from them to our useless teacher in the final moments.

I can’t really see these two as the main antagonists….

We didn’t get much in the way of plot progression in this episode, though we did see some more of Rumia’s backstory who was with Glenn (?) in the past fronting a backdrop of fire and destruction. Jury’s still out here on what’s going on for sure, but I’m guessing something pretty traumatic happened in her past, and Glenn was the one to come and kill the bad guys – but of course he has a moral compass so it’s not as straight forward as killing the bad guys. Only time will tell…

Pretty non-descript setting, but something significant clearly happens here.


I don’t dislike Akashic Records half as much as I thought I was going to after episode one. Uniforms aside, there’s no content, per se, in this that is particularly awful. My remaining issue however, is that Akashic Records doesn’t really seem to know what it is trying to be. At one moment it’s a serious action show, before it transitions to a parody shounen before ending up as a full blown comedy. This variety isn’t necessarily a bad thing in moderation, but chopping and changing as it has been is just off putting. Hopefully, in the next couple of episodes things will become a little clearer…

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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