Episode Focus: Akashic Records 5, The Queen and the Princess

Things are starting to heat up in Akashic Records: we’ve got family drama, treachery in the royal guard and home made cooking.


In all fairness, apart from the school uniforms (yes I’m going to mention them every time I do an episode review of this), Akashic Records has defied my expectations and greatly improved on the quality of episode one to actually shape up quite nicely as we reach the mid-season of Spring 2017.


This was another episode about Rumia with more allusions to her past in flashbacks as well as in a meeting with her mother, the queen – who, in an unsurprising twist, she elects to reject after three years of abandonment. This all happens before she is sentenced to death by her dear mother’s guard squad. There is no link between the two however as it seems the queen has been betrayed as part of wider conspiracy.


In less serious moments of the episode, Glenn transformed into Rumia to try and steal her lunch from Sisti, before being discovered, only to be later given the lunch by Rumia anyway! Oh, the trials and tribulations of being a broke school teacher. The magic tournament continued with Glenn’s class continuing to do well, though there was evening less focus this week compared to last.


We also met the final two characters from the opening sequence (remember those once that looked ominous at the end of episode four?). They seem to be some old colleagues of Glenn’s who were pretty annoyed that he unceremoniously left his previous job. These two once again get the privilege of finishing the episode, again on a cliffhanger as Re=L (yes, that is her name) is hurling a big sword towards Glenn and Rumia. Exciting times.


If we’re all honest, this is a pretty average show if only because of its never ending pit of underlying fan service and even for fans that look for that, Akashic Records is not going to set the world alight. When it’s finished I probably won’t ever think about it again, but that said, I am starting to enjoy each episode. And let’s face it, after episode one, that in itself is pretty incredible.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


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