Attack on Titan chapter 93

It’s been a little while since I’ve done an Attack on Titan chapter review and thought it would make a nice variation from all the other Attack on Titan content that’s been appearing on this blog. Of course, past this point are colossal (see what I did there, eh?) for the series including, possibly, the rest of season two of the anime.

Chapter 93 is the third chapter in what I’m guessing is a new arc (as yet unnamed by Isayama-sensei) which, for the time being at least, is focusing on the main continent and Marley’s ongoing war with the rest of the world. Last chapter saw Reiner get hurt pretty seriously by anti-titan artillery from the Mid-East Allies’ battleships.

This chapter put into clear terms something that I never really thought would happen, but now that it has, isn’t really that surprising. The power of the titans is starting to become obsolete. Thinking back to episode one of the anime (or chapter one of the manga for that matter), the idea that anything could make the giants wrecking death and destruction useless in Shiganshina seemed unthinkable – but that is just the situation we have now.

How? Well, by making the world more real. Marley’s enemies have the conventional weapons we might have expected to see in the 1920’s and 30’s leading up to the Second World War. As one Marleian points out in this chapter, if the enemies can drop bombs from the sky, even the titans will only be able to stand on the ground and look up.


As for the actual content this month, we learnt some interesting things that had been hinted at but never really confirmed. Titan-shifters only have short lives and therefore their powers must be transferred – though I’m still unsure as to what would happen if they didn’t. Levi and Mikasa are part of a wider ‘Ackerman clan’ that benefitted from Titan science to become as strong as they are. This isn’t surprising, though the foreshadowing by the anime to this was pretty impressive: think back to Mikasa’s flashback episode where she attacks her parent’s murderers with a knife – the light and sparks that surround her resemble that which surround Eren when he transforms into a titan.

Reiner also came back to the fore in this chapter as he all but apologises for his old friends death at the hands of Ymir, who has also been eaten and absorbed by Galliard. On which note, we also found out that memories are past between titan shifters, which could make for an interesting as time goes on. Reiner is also desperate to save the youngest group of Eldians set to inherit titans, particularly, the enthusiastic girl, Gabi.

I hope we get to see the main/Paradis group again soon, but I’m kind of enjoying getting some background on the other side. I can’t help but think this must be the last arc of the plot now as Zeke enters his final year and prepares to return to Paradis to get revenge on his ‘former’ father Grisha Yager.

What did you think of Attack on Titan chapter 93? Are we heading towards one final confrontation? Is Reiner as conflicted as he seems to be? How is this story going to end?!

Thanks for reading! 😀


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