Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 6, Run, Melos!

Back to my favourite new show of the season, Tsuki ga Kirei. What with work, my episode five review never came into being, but we’re back and raring to go for the second half of the season!

Contemplating life: looks just like me before I start writing a blog post.

Akane and Kotarou’s relationship has gone through the opening couple of episodes of painful awkwardness to reach a stage where the awkwardness is clearly quite an enjoyable thing for them both. What I’m really enjoying about this anime is that in most shows this would be the end game. Awkward or not, once the couple end up together, there usually isn’t anything else that can happen. What’s more is that Tsuki ga Kirei is taking it’s responsibility in this area seriously and making serious things happen even though the relationship has already started.

Terrible advice from the older sister this week for Akane.

The other refreshing thing about this show is that the relationship isn’t stopped by rest of each character’s life, but it does come close. This week Akane takes part in her inter-school track meet, while Kotarou is invited to a publishers to talk about his writing. Suffice to say that neither of these events goes as might have been hoped and as a result there is some questioning of the relationship – particularly on Akane’s part. Love will out however, and it feels as if the two take another step closer to one another as they vow to work harder at things they do in their spare time.

This isn’t to say that their aren’t problems on the horizon for the pair – though with our perspective you have to say things are looking worse for Akane than they are for Kotarou. After being told to write light novels, Kotarou is despondent, but is determined to achieve his dream of becoming a novelist after seeing Akane’s determination to get better at running. Akane’s problems however are not so easily alleviated: her best friend, Chinatsu has a crush on Kotarou, and, even after finding out about Akane’s relationship, is determined to tell him in order to gain ‘closure’. Her sister thinks she should ditch her friend (awful advice by the way) and completely separately Takumi is still lurking looking for a way in.

The worry for the pair is, is that Kotarou will be accidentally caught up with Akane’s issues without her telling him and that can only lead to a fall out of some kind. How the show goes on to resolve this in the coming episodes will be its biggest challenge, and one that, so far, I’m confident it will be able to achieve.

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2 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 6, Run, Melos!”

  1. Just watched the first episode. And for someone that isn’t in to the romance, school shows. This one had a nice pace to it. Along with the art. It doesn’t come across as your typical high school show either.

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    1. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it – it’s definitely not typical for sure. It’s very down to earth and straightforward, but the best aspect of this for me is how realistic it is; very refreshing.

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