Anime Challenge #16: Anime with the best animation

We’re lucky enough to be anime fans in a time when, for the majority of studios, it’s not okay to release a TV series without decent animation with many seasonal shows offering consistently high quality animation throughout their run. Although I won’t be talking about one of these in my list, anime films are often where we find the best animation and are a fantastic advert for just how beautiful anime can be. Why not talk about a film then I hear you ask. The answer is because I don’t think I’ve seen enough films to pick one and say it’s definitively the best – something akin to watching The Return of the King and saying its the best film ever because it had the most Oscar nominations.


So, it is quite difficult to choose here, and I think I could quite easily go for any number of shows, but I’m going to go for Guilty Crown. Guilty Crown was produced in 2012 by Production I.G., the parent studio of Wit Studio. I bring up Wit because like the majority of Wit’s shows, a lot of money clearly went into Guilty Crown and the productions values on the whole benefit greatly as a result.

Gai sacrifices himself to save the world, and Mana.
There are a couple of reasons why Guilty Crown does so well besides it’s funding, however. The first is it’s director: Tetsuro Araki (Death Note, Attack on Titan) who excels in making every single scene matter (who could ever forget the crisp scene in Death Note). Whether it be an instance like the clip below or a chat between students in the school, Araki is on the money. The second reason is the vast variety of locations and scenarios Guilty Crown finds itself including dark expansive laboratories, schools, forests, urban sprawl, cruise ships and of course the beach. This leads me to my final reason which is linked to all of these areas (apart from perhaps the beach…) as we get to see the awesome action sequences that many shows would save for the dark and dank places everywhere.


It’s difficult to explain exactly what those ‘awesome action sequences’ look like, so I’m going to give you a video to watch instead. It’s not particularly spoiler heavy, so give it a watch – it really is a good sight… ah, who am I kidding? I’ll call it what it is: epic.

What’s the best animation you’ve ever seen in anime? Try and choose one or give me a list, I’d love to find out about new beautiful shows and movies!

Thanks for reading! 😀


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