Episode Focus: Clockwork Planet 7, Attack the Multiple Grid

Does anyone ever get that thing where they’re so fed up with a show that it’s hard to see anything positive about it in new episodes? Well that’s how I’m beginning to feel about Clockwork Planet. I’ll be honest, this probably isn’t half as bad as I’m imagining it to be. That said, you won’t hear me saying much good about it here.


Episode seven sees the group continue in their efforts to save RyuZu’s ‘younger sister’ Anchor from the unexplained mind controlling mask that has been causing us problems for the last couple of episodes. Naoto heads up a typically strange plan that places him as chief aggressor of the Akihabara grid with mass broadcasts and explosions – all for the sake of Anchor though, so just let it slide, okay.


This is all to create a reason for the army to fight a terrible automaton monster down in the deep underground and thus get out of the way of Naoto, RyuZu and Marie as they fight Anchor. Now, here is my overriding bug bare with this episode – not for one moment did I have any doubt as to the result of the fight; there simply was no tension. Part of this problem might come from  placing the principle enemy in the opening sequence as a smiling, co-operative little girl.


The final scene doesn’t need too much description, though if you’d missed any of Naoto getting excited about gears and robots or Marie reminding us that the show really is self-aware, then you’ll need to hang for the last two or three minutes.


Hopefully, when I come to the end of this series I’ll be able to look at this objectively and not just with whatever the opposite of rose-tinted spectacles are. Until then, come back every week if you despaired watching Clockwork Planet as much as I did.


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