Building my Collection: Durarara!! x2 Shou (Blu-Ray Collectors edition)

As you may have seen last weekend I managed to get up to London to this Spring’s MCM Comicon. As well as being a great day in itself, I picked up a couple of Blu-Rays to add to my collection, Charlotte part 1 and Durarara!! Shou. Seeing as I quite enjoyed my last unboxing post (Your Lie in April part 1), I thought I’d show you guys the inside of the collectors edition of the second season of Durarara!!. 

Starting with the outer packaging we have a rigid box to hold the contents. The box in itself is a pretty nice thing though – show artwork is on the front and back, with synopsis and blu-ray info on a removable slip fastened to the back.


Inside the outer case things can split into two – the discs and all of the extras. First let’s talk about the digipack and discs. Unlike some discs I’ve seen, the artwork is fairly lacking in imagination, however the digipack holding the two discs is a nice to thing to behold. We get some more series artwork, but rather than the typical character shots pulled from the anime the characters are coloured in monochrome for quite a stunning presentation.

Collectors Editions are made by their extras and while Durarara!! x2 Shou does not have the best extras I’ve seen, they make a good addition to anyones collection.

Firstly we have a page of chibi stickers – what I’m going to do with these I’m not sure, but they’re a nice little extra nonetheless.


Next up is a series of art cards with various different characters from the show. Some I know and some I don’t (after all I haven’t seen this yet!), but they’re all pretty cool and are something you don’t get with Blu-Ray set. My photos don’t do them justice, but it’s worth pointing out that these cards are of a high quality and could be put up in some kind of artistic arrangement (if you were so inclined) or in some other type of display.

Finally, and what surely is the centre piece for the set is the art book. A small concept art book with characters and settings along with a few scenes of final work. It’s by no means the best book of it’s kind, but for any fan of the series it’s definitely worth having over a standard edition.


While I’m not huge of the Durarara! series, I was pleased I could pick this one up at MCM at the discounted price that I did from AlltheAnimeAt the higher price point I would probably only recommend this set for big fans of the series who know what they’re getting into – although I’m know how many fans this franchise has, so I probably don’t have to convince too many people. Nonetheless, a nice set to have and another to add to my ever growing collection.

Thanks for reading! Have you picked up any cool anime collectors DVD’s/Blu-Rays recently, and if so were you pleased with the extras you got? If you’d like to hear my thoughts on the anime itself next, head over to my previous post and vote for Durarara as the next sequel you want me to watch!


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