Attack on Titan season 3 to cover more manga material than season 2?

The long anticipated second season of Attack on Titan finished today with episode twelve with yet another significant reveal and no shortage of death and carnage for Eren and the Scouts. I’ll come to review this final episode and the season as a whole in the coming days, but now I want to talk about the announcement that sometime next year, we might, just might, get a season three.

There’s not too much to talk about after the short season three announcement clip at the end of season two’s final episode, but there are two things that I wanted to talk about: the amount of content that will be adapted compared to season two and the amount of episodes they might give for the next season.


The clip in question alluded to the manga volume covers and most interestingly, and surprisingly, showed covers all the way through the most recent volume, volume 22. Special attention was also given to humanity reaching the sea for the first time, which further suggests that Kodansha, Wit Studios and Hajime Isayama have agreed to adapt, at least, both the Uprising arc and the Return to Shiganshina Arc. Personally, I find this hugely surprising as Kodansha are notorious for holding back anime adaptations of their publications and if season three finishes before the end of next year, the show will be less than five volumes behind the manga.

This leads me onto my second thoughts on this announcement. If Attack on Titan season 3 is going to adapt over double the amount of material compared to season 2 (16 chapters in season 2, compared to 41 for season 3), there needs to be at least two full cours. Anything less than 24 episodes in season 3 would make me think that Wit are intending to condense the Uprising Arc, because of it’s relative lack of titans.

I’m really pleased that they’ve given up this announcement for season three of the show so soon after the end of season two, and although you can never trust an early release date, we have to be excited for a 2018 release date. My other reservations aside, fingers crossed for a solid continuation to the anime part of the franchise.

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