Episode Focus: Eromanga Sensei 11, How the two met and future siblings

After two episodes without Sagiri, Masamune comes back from his beach trip and the two prepare for the release of their new book. Cue reminiscing and flashbacks.

Eromanga Sensei set itself out as a ‘sibling romantic comedy’, though at this point I think calling it a rom-com of any kind is unfair on the genre. If, like me, you’ve stuck with this show through it’s highly inappropriate and awkward middle episodes, the biggest compliment you might give it is an overly cutesy fan service harem.

But I digress, episode 11 is all about the relationship between Masamune and Sagiri. As it turns out, Sagiri was Masamune’s first ever fan, and he was the one that inspired her to take up professional art. The majority of the episode is occupied with flashbacks showing the online publication of Masamune’s first novel and the birth of Sagiri’s dream to produce a book with him (yes, before they became step-siblings).


Given how this show has gone, this ridiculous coincidence is not even slightly surprising – although it should be pointed out that that doesn’t mean it is okay. As sweet as it is, it’s completely implausible and pretty much unnecessary, but then – isn’t pretty much everything in this show at this point.

Interspersed between these flashbacks is Masamune and Sagiri on a ‘sibling date’ to Akiharbara to see the new release of their book. Of course, Sagiri can’t leave the house so she’s on Skype as Masamune goes out.

We also got to see the full cast of Oreimu (I think it was all of them – I haven’t seen the show…) in a cameo appearance to timely prevent Sagiri saying something particularly heartfelt at the end of their day.

I won’t miss Eromanga Sensei after it’s gone next Saturday, but I do hope A-1 Pictures will take this quality of art and animation and use it their summer adaptation Fate Apocrypha…

What did you make of the penultimate episode of Eromanga Sensei? Did you enjoy getting to see their first meeting or has the time for flashbacks come and gone? And with only one episode left are you pleased you spent the time watching Eromanga every week, or has this been as bad to watch as it’s quality?

Thanks for reading! 😀

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