Episode Focus: Attack on Titan S2 12, Scream

The final episode of the second season of Attack on Titan has aired after four years of hype with another reveal of sorts and some more emotional moments to boot.


At the end of last weeks episode the titan that ate Eren’s mother appeared threatening to lead them to the same fate. This week starts with Hannes getting in the way and thanking his luck for giving him the opportunity to avenge Carla. Meanwhile, Erwin is stranded as titans close in from all sides with scouts falling fast. I won’t go through everything that happened as I usually do in this articles, but suffice to say it felt like a lot happened in this episode.

What I am going to focus on however is the death and big reveal. Everything about this episode gave off despair – from the lighting, to the music and all of the angles used. From moment one we knew something was going to go wrong and it did massively as Hannes can’t land the final blow on his target only to be grabbed and taken out of the game as so many other characters have before him. All the while we see more and more scouts falling as they desperate try to protect the stranded Erwin.

As Eren tries and fails to transform into a titan to help, and then avenge, Hannes and for just a moment it seems as if maybe one or both of Eren and Mikasa could meet the same fate as their watchful guardian. Mikasa gets as close to confessing her feelings to Eren as she probably ever will, thanking him for wrapping his scarf around her when she lost her parents and just when it seems she’s finally going to do something meaningful, Eren turns away (as only Eren would in that moment), to punch the oncoming titan.

Yeah, I know right.


But now we have the second truly important moment in the episode and that is another part of Eren’s power – what Reiner and Bertholdt call ‘the co-ordinate’. Not only does attacking titan stop in its tracks, all of the other titans around leave the scouts along and swarm it, pulling it to pieces. And then again, as they attempt to make their escape, Eren shouts at the oncoming Reiner who finds himself swarmed with the same titans, allowing to make his escape, while Reiner, Bertholdt and, after some deliberation, Ymir are forced to stay to fight off the titans.

Ymir’s role in the story now seems unclear as she abandons Historia, giving up what she ‘borrowed’ from Reiner’s friend when she regained her consciousness as a titan shifter.


When the Scouts return to Trost, Hange briefs the injured Levi and Erwin that they believe the titan outbreak in fact originated from Connie’s village, drawing disbelief from Levi, and a degree of satisfaction from Erwin, as they take one step closer to the truth.

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The season closes with a nameless figure climbing out of the Beast Titan’s body on top of the wall, presumably looking back towards the human survivors.


It was a fairly satisfying episode to watch, though I would say, it does create more questions than it actually answers, with the mysterious man on top of the wall, humans being turned into titans and Eren’s new power to control titans.


I suppose we’ll all just have to wait until next year and season 3…


What were your thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin’s season finale? Has this series lived up to your expectations or has everyone been getting excited over nothing. Let me know down in the comments, and come back later this week for my full season two review.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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