Seraph of the End: Volume 12

I’m not going to lie – despite the big line up from the Spring season of anime that’s just finishing airing at the moment, it’s been a little while since I’ve been able to get really invested in a truly enticing action fantasy series. For me, it’s even more the case with manga as I tend to choose manga that has been adapted into anime – much like the subject of today’s article. However, why I was, and after reading still am, so excited about the 12th volume of Seraph of the End is because it’s a story I really enjoy (whether rightly or wrongly) and still one I don’t know! Attack on Titan is playing on my mind here, because although I was excited to watch the second season, it has lost something now that I know the story from reading the manga (or perhaps that’s just a result of poor season?), which is something Seraph of the End can now deliver on in whole volumes!


Synopsis (spoilers to follow):

After deserting the Imperial Demon Army and finding a new home in a remote coastal village, Shinoa squad (+Mikaela and Narumi) are attempting to work out how to go forward as Yuu spends more and more time each day possessed by his demon. Planning time is cut short at the start of the volume when Ferid and Crowley show up. Crowley arrives on the scene first toying with the soldiers, before Ferid turns up with the head Yu and Mika’s friend from the orphanage, Akane, who he killed in chapter one of the manga. Yu promptly loses control and Ferid offers a drug to stop him rampaging against them all which, after some deliberation, the team agree to.

Meanwhile, Kureto is plotting to take control of the Demon Army, with Guren, now seemingly back in control of himself at his side. Guren confronts Shinya in an attempt to gain his forgiveness after killing so many of their comrades.


The final chapter of the volume gives us a huge reveal about both Guren and the true nature of Seraph of the End experiment from Ferid’s voice, to the backdrop of Guren and Shinya’s encounter. The Seraph of the End is not simply a weapon, but a way of reviving humans from the dead. Ferid reveals that when used the Seraph of the End originally released a virus that destroyed all of adult humanity and that it was Guren who activated it to revive Norito, Sayuri, Mito, Shigure and Shinya, who were somehow killed just prior to the apocalypse. Guren apparently works with Ferid on the continuation of this research as an atonement for his sins.


This was one hell of a volume. I don’t know whether the revelation about Guren’s team being killed and subsequently revived hit me more just because I didn’t know about it or because it was an incredible reveal, but I’m sure it has to be the later. There had clearly always been more to Guren than met the eye, but I had always assumed that it was largely down to his cynical personality (as seen in both manga and light novels) and being semi-possessed by his ex-girlfriend and genius-psychopath Mahiru Hiragi. Though we’re still quite vague on the Seraph of the End, it seems as if it could be possible that Guren, one way or another, sacrificed the majority of humanity, to bring back his group of five friends.


I’m not sure what Ferid’s game is yet, but is unhinged nature only makes his actions harder to predict. Now that I know what has been revealed in this volume, it doesn’t seem all that surprising that Ferid would come seeking an alliance with Yuu and Mika, but it still seems surprising that he came to them in the way he did. I’m also very sceptical with any kind of sympathy he might have tried to show towards Yuu and Mika’s murdered family, as they were all experimented on at the orphanage and would therefore easily become susceptible to becoming angels as Yu and Mirai did.

I don’t blame Shinya in the slightest for being very angry with Guren, but I don’t know if Guren will give up the truth at this point in the narrative to his once dead friend. If he does, we could be a lot closer to the end of the story than I initially thought, but who knows. I’ll inevitably find out some more about this particular part of the story when I get around to reading more of the light novel series…


Anyway, this was a thoroughly enjoyable volume with some pretty hefty reveals and I’ll be looking forward to the release of volume 12 in November!

If you want to get yourself a copy of volume 12, you can pick it up at Waterstones right here. Or if you’re super keen, then volume 13 is due for release on November 11th and can be preordered here!

Thanks for reading! 😀




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