Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 11, An Encouragement of Learning

When living with your parents it can often be difficult to understand why the make some of the decisions that they do. What Tsuki ga Kirei shows well in episode 11 is that they usually have a good reason for doing so, and even after making decisions initially, they’re flexible enough to adapt when it’s in the best interest of their children.

Last week, we expected that Kotarou’s parents, particularly his mother, wouldn’t take well to his decision to go a school two hours away in order to follow a girl. It wasn’t surprising then to see that when Kotarou announced his school of choice at a parent meeting with his teacher, his mother wasn’t best pleased.

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But Kotarou puts a lot of work in for his entrance exam this week and we see that both his mum, and slightly more chilled (though no less concerned) dad, come round to supporting him as best they can, even if they still don’t believe it’s really the best decision. Ranging from making late night revision food through to going back to his teacher to support her sons decision, the amount Kotarou’s parents do is immense. Furthermore, this episode shows that Tsuki ga Kirei has more loving relationships than just a middle school romance.

Akane gets less, but no less important screen time this week, reminding us of why this show has done so well up to this point, epitomising the romance as well as the other friendships and character interactions. Most specifically though, Christmas hits in this episode and she knits Kotarou a scarf as a present and the two go out doing ‘couply’ things. Her sister tries to talk her out of going to the same school as her boyfriend, because of course they won’t stay together. She also passes her high school entrance exam.

This penultimate episode felt quite different to the rest of the season, but was no less impressive from a relationship building pointing of view. Kotarou and Akane’s relationship is only briefly touched upon this week, and really only in relation to the relationship between Kotarou and his parents. Of course, this has been, first and foremost, a romance anime, but kudos to the writers for making me feel really invested in Kotarou’s familial relationships this week.


I’ve often found myself surprised by each episode of this show and this week was no different. On paper, the final episode shouldn’t surprise me, but at this point, who knows.

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What did you make of episode 11 of Tsuki ga Kirei? Did you enjoying the move away from Akane and Kotarou’s relationship for a while or did you miss it? And what would you like to see happen in the final episode, how is this show going to end? Let me know all of your thoughts down in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 😀

4 thoughts on “Episode Focus: Tsuki ga Kirei 11, An Encouragement of Learning”

  1. In shows like this where there’s no good reason for the parents to not be involved in the kids’ lives, I was glad to see Tsuki ga Kirei come around to using Kotarou’s parents in a meaningful way.

    Like you said, they reacted as you might expect them to, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love him or won’t do their best to support his choices. It was a great way to keep the overall positive feeling this show carries so well without being unrealistic.

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    1. I think, for the most part, Tsuki ga Korea has done a really good job at maintaining a realistic tone throughout the season.

      As you say there was no reason not to make use of the parents, and this, preceded by his novel writing, gave them a really good opportunity to bring them naturally into the story.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. At first, I was neutral about this week’s episode, but after thinking about it for a few days, I thought it was a really nice addition to the story so far. Episode 10 had a great impact on me, and I would’ve wanted to see more of the great relationship of Akane and Kotarou. However, I think that episode 11 was pretty important and cleared up how Kotarou’s parents would handle him wanting to go to a school that is much different than what they expected.

    If this conflict/obstacle wasn’t addressed (which it could’ve gone another route such as them not letting him enroll at Koumei at all), I think I would’ve kept wondering about the process he went through to convince his mom to let him do what he wants. Plus, the character development of Kotarou’s mother was great, her being a person who looks like she’s strict, but can accommodating. Honestly, it needed to be there since she had a pretty important role in Kotarou’s relationship with Akane.

    As for the final episode, all I really want it a very happy ending. If the ending goes towards the negative route, I’m going to flip out… okay maybe not but I’ll definitely be mad 😛

    Nice post!

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    1. I know what you mean! The development of Akane and Kotarou’s relationship over the last few episodes (and the whole show generally) has been so good to watch, but I think it was only right to bring his parents in this episode. Tsuki ga Kirei hasn’t been without hardship, but ultimately it’s been a story about the success of a young couples relationship, and for it to be a success, Kotarou needs to go to Koumei and so, his parents have to support him.

      I think they’ve quietly being developing his mother really well over the whole season. When you look back at her reactions to his writing and lack of working we got to see that she really cared about his future, but might not have been receptive to his interests. This episode though, we saw that that wasn’t the case and that her strictness was just her trying to do what’s best for him. Also – I love his dad’s chilled back approach to everything haha!

      If there isn’t a very happy ending, I will absolutely flip out haha – this show needs a happy ending!

      Thanks for reading 😀

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