Attack on Titan chapter 95

The final arc of Attack on Titan continued this week, staying in Marley with Reiner and co. we get to see more of the potential future that awaits Eldians on the continent and Paradis. We also get a flashback of Reiner’s group of warriors first arrive on Paradis with some fairly shocking revelations.

Last month we learnt Reiner’s view of Marley and the ‘honour’ of gaining the power of the titans isn’t as great as it perhaps should be. It’s only fitting then that chapter 95 opens with Gabi showing off just why a concerned older brother like figure would be concerned that she might be just a little too keen to gain the power of turning into a world breaking giant humanoid.


Chronologically in the chapter we also learn about the 9th titan – the Hammer Titan – held by the mysterious Tybur family. It’ll be interesting to see how this new titan and group fits into the story going forward, but hopefully Isayama will plan for enough chapters not to rush this. We also found out that Zeke is going to attempt to conquer Paradis within a year – which seems to put a finite cap on the chronological end for the manga.

What is particularly exciting, but also a little worrying, is the newly introduced worry from Zeke that soon the titans will become obsolete because of the advances of modern warfare combined with the prejudice still held against the Eldians by the rest of the world. It raises the question of what will happen post-attempted invasion of Paradis – regardless of who wins, one group that we know off will surely face increased persecution to the point of, if Zeke is to believed, potential genocide. Again, this is an enticing plot development, but the lack of remaining chapters makes me worry that it just won’t get answered sufficiently when all is said and done and the final volume is sat on my bookcase.

What we shouldn’t be worried about however is learning all of Reiner’s backstory by the end of the manga. Isayama has clearly taken a shine to the Armoured Titan user is a key character in the concluding arc and as such, we’re going to learn everything there is to learn about him. This month’s lesson is that he shouldn’t really have been chosen for the initial Paradis mission: Marcel revealed, in the moments before he was eaten by Ymir, that the only reason Reiner was chosen was because he exerted his influence over the selectors to save his brother from the short life inflicted by Ymir’s Curse.


There was then, plenty to get excited about in this chapter, and Reiner’s character and motivations are all starting to tie up quite nicely. That said, I don’t think I’ll be alone in being concerned with the new plot threads that are being introduced at this last stage of the story. It seems pretty clear, to me at least, that Isayama has decided where the story is headed, but I really hope that he takes the time to make sure all of the plot threads for his great story are tied up properly – even if that means he has to write more chapters in this final arc than we may have initially expected.

Thanks for reading 😀


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