Episode Focus: Gamers! 11, Gamers and Next Stage

The penultimate episode of Gamers! is thoroughly in the process of rapping things up. What’s best about this show though is that even though things are starting to work out for most of the characters, it still doesn’t take itself seriously.


As a final attempt to confirm that no one is cheating, Tasuku and Karen agree to organise a double date with Aguri and Keita. Meanwhile, Konoha eavesdropping gets Chiaki in on the day and the episode is all set to go.

The six characters convene at a, of course, gaming theme park and immediately the difference between Aguri and Tasuku and Karen and Keita becomes apparent. Chiaki soon appears with Konoha to bring a level of awkwardness back to the situation before a montage of the characters exhibiting they characteristics we’ve come to expect from them on various different theme park rides. Chiaki, Keita and Konoha chicken out of the haunted house which is followed by Chiaki fainting which again provides an almost confession from Chiaki.

Eventually, the two groups meet up at the park’s grand parade and we get to see Aguri and Tasuku seemingly pretty happy with their relationship. Keita and Karen also seem to have worked things out with Keita showing typical clumsiness at the very end. Chiaki and Konoha have a nice sisterly moment to round things off and to be honest, it would be quite nice if this is how things finish up but I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end Chiaki manages to spit out a confession to Keita.

Apart from a slight drop in art and animation quality in episode 11, I have to say I was once again I really enjoyed the episode! The conclusion will have to wait one final episode which airs on Thursday!


Have you enjoyed Gamers! this season? How do you think the season is going to finish in it’s final episode? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! 🙂 

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